Eagle Eye brings a new blog on security guard services in Carson California. In this blog the roles and types of security guards will be discussed. Why Security Guard Service Carson, California is needed and what is the importance of security services.  According to the reports, a clear hike in crime can be seen in Carson. People are afraid to step out of their homes. Robbery has increased rapidly. Open places are more advantageous for criminals. It is easy for them to access people. Especially malls, shopping areas and parks where there are a large number of people. It is an open welcome to terrorists as well as terrorism (bomb blasting) takes place at such places. Even religious places and educational institutes are not safe. Girls of teen age are getting kidnapped.  Children are afraid to go to parks and play there. Therefore, it is now necessary to have a proper security system in California

First of all let’s have a look at the meaning of security and who is a security guard.

What is security?

Security simply refers to a term which means free from threat or danger. Also we can say security is free from any anxiety and fear. Any measure taken to insure the safety of facilities, property or personal. Or it means protecting general assets. Threats can be of any type e.g. damage to property or human life at risk. To avoid any kind of risk one hires a security guard.

Who is a security guard?

Providing protection is security and a security guard is someone who does security related activities and in return they get remuneration. Their major roles are inspecting and controlling theft, patrolling, inspecting properties against fire, controlling vandalism, terrorism and other illegal activities. Not only they safeguards the property but also protects the community from threat.

What are the roles of security guards?

The duties and responsibilities of security guards vary from place to place. It depends upon the category of service and needs required. In any emergency, security guards must call the police, ambulance and fire department according to the situation and to control the situation. Security guards provide a visible presence acting as a deterrent to potential criminals, and they are trained to respond to a wide range of emergency situations. They also provide a peace of mind to those they are protecting. They ensure a level of security for individuals and assets.

However, the main responsibilities include:

  1. Protection of assets and human life by monitoring and enforcing rules and regulations at the workplace.
  2. Monitoring the security system including CCTV cameras and alarms.
  3. Protecting the assets of people, clients and other people physically present there at the workplace.
  4. Inspection of the area to find security hazards and safety.
  5. They write a report on their daily observations and all the suspicious acts and people are reported immediately to the higher authorities.
  6. They also give the statements as the witness in court testimonies.
  7. Also they detain violators.
  8. In emergency situations they control the panic situation. They are also responsible for evacuating the people.
  9. They also monitor the parking areas and keep an eye on all vehicles.

Security guards are often the first one to deal with emergency situations such as fire or medical emergencies. They can minimize the potential damage caused, using their expertise. They are trained well to cope up with any emergency situation. Their presence is essential and enough to prevent crime and keep everyone safe. The training of security guards varies from location to location. They have certain skills which help them to cope up with the situations. They are trained in how to monitor and observe, and what to do in an emergency situation. The most important feature a security guard can have is the ability to observe and monitor their surroundings. They should also know about first aid, CPR, fire procedures, conflict resolution between people and prevention from escalation. Security guards must have a license so that a person disguised as a security guard can be caught.

Now let’s discuss the types of security guards provided by Security Company Carson, California.

Types of security guards:

  1. Residential guards: Residential guards are hired to protect the homes. They keep an eye on suspicious activity going around in an area.
  2. Retailer guards: retailer guards are there to help you from shoplifting and other criminal activities in premises.
  3. Body guards: Body guards are provided to VIPs and other officials whose life is most at threat.
  4. Patrolling guards: They are the ones who patrol at peak hours to watch and give an alarm to criminals.
  5. Armed and Unarmed guards: They are hired by the people to protect their wellbeing, sometimes the government also appoints them to maintain law and order in the area.

Security Company Carson, California offers services like:

  1. Banks security system
  2. Club security system
  3. Factory security system
  4. Hotel security system
  5. Healthcare security system
  6. Office security system
  7. Retail security system

Security guards serve an invaluable role in society by making their lives at risk. They are key persons to prevent crime and ensure the security of the community.  They are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to keep us safe. According to the ongoing situation in Carson, Security services have become essential. Therefore security guard California try to provide services at 24\7 to maintain peace and control the increase in threats.