Eagle eye tells about the different crimes and how to cope up with them. It is necessary to know how to receive 24\7 top of the line security in Torrance. Eagle eye provides the necessary information regarding security services. Eagle eye will provide the security, the most popular security guard services in Torrance city.

Torrance city in California has witnessed a hike in crime rate. People are afraid to step outside their houses and go anywhere. When I say hike in crime rate I mean increase in theft and kidnapping. Crime, an act which is punishable by law, can be against persons, property that is burglary or hate crime. Nowadays white collar crime is also so common which means high professional people are stealing money from their co-workers, tax evasion or insider trading. However white collar crimes are less investigated because they are protected by the privilege of race, class and gender. Among all the crimes, theft and robbery has increased as compared to last year. The seriousness of crime can be misdemeanors or felony. Felony can be a dangerous one like kidnapping and have heavy punishments.

A crime can happen anywhere at any time. Open places are more advantageous for criminals. It is easy for them to access people. Especially malls, shopping areas and parks where there are a large number of people. It is an open welcome to terrorists as well as terrorism (bomb blasting) takes place at such places. Even religious places and educational institutes are not safe. Girls of teen age are getting kidnapped.  Children are afraid to go to parks and play there. Security assurance in Torrance is needed.

Reasons for hike in crime rate.

There can be many reasons for crimes but the foremost one is poverty. Countries with high economic crises tend to witness an increase in crime. It has become difficult for people to earn and have food for living so they indulge themselves in several acts through which they can have some money and buy bread for themselves and for their family. They find a shortcut and think it is an easy way to earn and become habitual. Peer pressure can also be a reason for crime. The circle of people can have a large impact on one’s life. They get influenced by their friends. Adults and teenagers think that whatever their friends are doing is the right thing and join the bandwagon. Drugs are the other reason. People addicted to drugs lose their state of mind and do certain things which are harmful to society.

Eagle eye has a solution.

No matter what the cause of crime is, the main thing is to control it. Knowing the problem in California, eagle eye Security Guard Service Torrance has a solution! To protect oneself from any mishap and crime, one should have security. If you have security services then there is a less chance of crime. Sitting at home and being afraid of criminal activities is not the solution but to step out and have security is the solution. Therefore we provide services for people to eliminate crime and make the environment and city safe and secure. We provide security guards who are well trained and have skills to cope up with the crime. They get training for a year and then they are placed at different locations like parks, residential areas, institutes, commercial areas etc. For every place the guard is trained differently.

Categories of services.

As the world is growing, the need for security is increasing tremendously. Eagle eye, Torrance security services provides variety of services in security. The prime responsibility of a security guard is to protect the life of people, assets of people by monitoring, reporting and defending against any breach of security. We provide various kinds of security guards such as armed, unarmed, body guards, video surveillance operators, patrol guards and event guards. Each type has several groups of people who are trained in their respective categories. Unarmed security officers refers to the guards who don’t carry any weapon. They are physically present at the entrance and exit of the entity. They monitor the people’s journey and are responsible for crowd controlling management. They also watch out for unusual activities in the surrounding area and do inquires. Unarmed security is provided where the mobility of people is less whereas armed security is provided at places where risk is high, the life of people and their assets are more in danger or where the crowd is more.

Eagle eye also provide personal bodyguards who are assigned to protect the person. They are given to VIPs or other high officials as they are more at threat. They are well equipped and well trained. Video surveillance operators are responsible for monitoring the CCTV footage and keeping an eagle’s eye on the people. They are also responsible for the parking area security. Patrol guards roam around the streets to check any activity. They patrol at scheduled time and in emergency situations. Event security guards are provided to secure the premises where the event is taking place.

Last but not the least!

In this blog, Eagle eye has tried best to give information related to crime and solutions to eliminate crime. Hiring either of the above security guards can help you to be safe and protect yourself and others from any threat. Therefore, Eagle Eye Security Guard Service Torrance provides services at low cost and the best category of guards who have huge responsibility on their shoulders and re well trained and ready to listen to your queries and willing to help you in their best possible way.