We provide overall security to
safeguard the physical assets.

Auto dealership security guard services are important for keeping car dealerships safe and secure. Our security guards are highly professional at preventing theft and vandalism in a great way.

For the security of this place, sometimes even police officers can’t do anything at once but with highly trained 24/7 security guards from Eagle Eye Pro. Through our auto dealership security guards, we will give you security around the clock for your car dealership. If there is any kind of security threat, one of our monitoring officers will immediately call the police and fully secure your premises. With the help of our on-site auto dealership security guards, you will have great peace of mind with full security.

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Easy access to showrooms

Eagle Eye Pro provides California’s best auto dealership security guards to secure their property and assets. Our security guards will give you easy access to showrooms filled with high-value inventory. They also encourage potential customers to engage with their valuable merchandise. There is a great risk of security threats in auto dealerships in Los Angeles. Still, thanks to our security guards who are doing the services 24 hours a day, Auto dealership security guard providers prevent the theft of vehicles from experienced criminals while providing full-time security. It also enhances the brand’s reputation.

Incredible armed security guards

With the help of our armed security guards, we are equipped with different types of tools and techniques, giving high-class protection from thieves and criminals. We provide the best security service for dealerships in Los Angeles, preventing the theft of valuable car components. At the busiest time of work, there is a great chance of criminal activity, but Eagle Eye Pro provides the best security guards to prevent any kind of suspicious activity. We also provide multiple layers of protection, specially designed to be proactive and stop criminal acts before they can be committed.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Eagle Eye Pro provides the best auto dealership security guards services to keep their assets in pristine condition. We have highly-trained security guards present 24/7 to patrol your lot.

  • Access control
    Through our best security service for dealerships in Los Angeles, we can easily manage and control the access points to the dealership. Therefore, we ensure only authorized personnel and visitors can enter the premises.
  • Customer Assistance
    Our auto dealership security guards provide a visible presence to deter criminal activity. Therefore, the customers and employees will feel safe and secure.
  • Emergency response
    We are the incredible auto dealership security guard providers responding promptly to security alarms or disturbances. Therefore, we immediately react to dealership premises’ emergencies, providing full security.
  • Loss Prevention
    Our Auto dealer security guards implement all the measures to prevent theft and vandalism. They also prevent unauthorized access to dealership property by enforcing security protocols.

We have


Eagle Eye Pro is a dedicated security service providing high-threat protection for dignitaries in Los Angeles. We provide high-level executive security services beyond security personnel’s physical presence. Therefore, we provide a holistic approach, including cyber security, discrete management of sensitive information, and travel logistics. 

VIP personalities are always on cyber threats and security threats. For this purpose, we provide professional executive protection guard services. We integrate cyber security measures to protect electronic communications and personal data. Our presence is a deterrent, preventing you from engaging in criminal activities.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Auto Dealership Security Guards service in Los Angeles

    Our auto dealership security guards also maintain a high level of security while assuring the customer-friendly surroundings. We also have well-trained professionals who can easily handle auto dealer business security.
    Eagle Eye Pro is the best auto dealership security provider, providing reliable private security services. It provides great security solutions for auto dealership businesses. Different people, including vehicle buyers, often visit auto dealership businesses.
    In auto dealerships, many other things are present with valuable vehicles. To protect the premises from potential damages, we observe the vehicles and visitors' activities. We also ensure that the security measures we choose do not make the buyers uncomfortable or uneasy.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Prevention of Theft and Vandalism

    The auto dealership security guards act as a deterrent for potential thieves and vandals. Therefore, they can easily maintain security and safety by actively monitoring and patrolling the premises. 

    Protecting the assets

    Our security guards are active and alert to safeguard valuable assets, including used and new vehicles. We also implement security measures and surveillance and minimize the risk of inventory theft or damage.

    Employee Well-being

    Our auto dealership security guards always ensure the safety of the dealership employees, especially during the opening and closing times. Therefore, they give you a sense of security and a more comfortable work environment. 

    Customized Security Solutions

    We offer affordable auto dealership security guards with tailored security plans based on specific needs. We also conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and implement targeted security measures. 

    Enhanced Customer Safety

    Eagle Eye Pro gives you enhanced customer safety, creating a secure and welcoming environment for the customers. We also assist customers with inquiries, directions, and concerns, providing a positive customer experience. 

    Documentation and Reporting

    We are California’s best Auto dealership security guards, maintaining detailed logs and reports of security-related incidents. We also help in investigations and future risk assessments.

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    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is the best security service for dealerships in Los Angeles who are highly trained to face all the challenges for security. We provide full security and safety to the dealership and assets. So, if you are looking for an auto dealership security guard service, this is the best service. 

    Best Security Service for Dealership in Los Angeles protecting the equipment and the property

    Trusted Auto Dealership Security Service Providers Highly efficient in building a reputed name.

    Service FAQ's

    Why does an auto dealership need security guards?

    Many valuable assets are present in the auto dealership house, such as equipment and vehicles. This is why the place is most vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access. Our security guards always protect you from these kinds of activities, ensuring the safety of the dealership premises.

    What specific services do auto dealership security guards provide?

    Our security guards provide different services, such as access control,  surveillance, and CCTV cameras. Our security guards normally conduct regular patrols and respond to different alarms. We contribute to a comprehensive security strategy according to the dealership’s needs.

    How experienced are your security guards?

    Our security guards are highly experienced and undergo rigorous training programs. They also do specialized training for the automotive industry. Remember that our affordable auto dealership security guards are well-trained, licensed, and equipped to handle different security challenges.

    Do your security guards handle customer interactions?

    Yes, our auto dealership security guards are highly trained to interact professionally with customers and visitors. We can also provide directions and answer all people’s queries. We also help people in any kind of emergency, creating a positive and secure environment. They are available 24/7 to check all the dealership premises.