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We are one of the best professional healthcare security companies giving full security and safety at the hospitals. 

Our security guards are well aware of the challenges faced by the healthcare security guards. Our company is here for you to solve all their problems by recruiting only the best security guards. Eagle Eye Pro is the top hospital security guard company having intelligent and challenging security guards. As we all know very well the hospitals come up with large complexes with multiple entries and exit points. For the security of these entry and exit points, we offer promising hospital guard services. We promise to give full security to the hospitals and check out the monitoring and patrolling there. 

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Professional healthcare and hospital security

Hospital security is a very important and critical job but thanks to the incredible Los Angeles healthcare and hospital security guards. We always strive a lot for the security of the hospitals and this is the main reason, we recruit the best and strong security guards. Our security company guards are very intelligent and know very well how to face the challenges of securing both the staff as well as the patients. We have armed as well as unarmed security guards at the healthcare. Armed security guards are present at the entries and the exits. Unarmed security guards are present inside the hospitals controlling the crowd there so that there will be peace at the hospitals.

All types of security measures by Eagle Eye Pro

We are always there for the security of the patients and the staff with highly active and qualified healthcare and hospital security guards. Our security guards are at the top of hospital incident reporting such as checking for any criminal activity in the healthcare or hospital. Our junior security guards normally report the senior officers about any suspicious activity which then take different actions to solve the issue in a very short time. In severe cases, we take the issue to the nearest police department for resolution and further action. Our security guards also do Hospital events and activity reporting to get data about the daily happenings in the hospital. One of the main responsibilities of the security guard is to keep a record of the incident that happened before.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

We are providing high-class Los Angeles Healthcare Security Services with full patrolling and monitoring of the hospital. So we always save our patients and staff by deterring criminal activity and responding to suspicious behavior.

  • Access control and asset protection
    We serve the hospital with the best Healthcare and Hospital Security Services by managing the entry and exit points. Our security guards control the restricted areas such as sensitive patient units and medication storage.
  • Monitoring security cameras
    Our security guards are expert enough to monitor the security cameras. We provide you with the best Healthcare and Hospital guards who actively monitor CCTV footage and detect suspicious activity and potential security breaches.
  • Patrolling parking lots and garages
    Our security guards help deter vandalism and theft of the vehicles belonging to staff, visitors, and patients. The security guards also ensure the security of the medications, medical equipment, and other valuable assets within the facility.
  • Collaboration with law enforcement
    If there is any serious incident then our hospital security guard in Los Angeles collaborates with the local law enforcement to check criminal activities. Therefore, Eagle Eye Pro always ensures the safety of everyone present at the hospital.

We have


Along with providing security for the offices and business, we also help the health care and Hospitals by providing them high-class Healthcare and Hospital Security Services. This is the main reason we provide both armed and unarmed healthcare security officers to secure different areas of the hospitals.

Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the best healthcare and Hospital security companies with highly experienced and trained security guards. We also provide high-class vehicle patrol services to ensure the safety of the residents, patients, visitors, staff, and property. Keep this thing in mind that our security guards are fully trained in background checks, drug testing, and passing through the interview process.

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    Our Expertise in

    healthcare and hospital security

    Eagle Eye Pro provides you with the best healthcare security professionals. Our members work in different areas of Southern California and have both professional and reputable security guards. 
    We provide you with the best healthcare security guards who are highly trained and licensed. Our security guards are insured in the state of California providing you with the type of service you need. We are available 24/7 for the patients as well as the staff of the hospitals. Our company is one of the best healthcare and hospital security companies with a comprehensive security program.
    Our company is specially designed to secure and save the multi-level facility of different departments of the hospitals. We also offer customized programs according to the requirements of the hospitals and healthcare. We offer the best hospital security guards who always prefers patient security as well as staff security. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Patient safety

    We are one of the best healthcare security companies prioritizing the safety of the patients therefore ensuring a secure environment.

    Staff protection

    Along with the safety of the patients, we also ensure the security of the staff. Therefore, we can create a workspace where medical personnel can focus on patient care without concerns about personal safety.

    Asset Protection

    Healthcare security professionals at our company always value the asset protection of the hospital such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and sensitive information of the patients.

    Conflict resolution

    Our security officers are expert enough to address the conflicts and disruptive behavior of the people at the hospitals. Therefore, our hospital security guard maintains a calm atmosphere and enhances the overall patient experience.

    Enhanced reputation

    If you have good security at the hospitals, then it will result in an enhanced reputation. We provide very active security guards for healthcare and hospitals contributing to the reputation of the healthcare. 

    Crowd control

    Our security guards are also experts in crowd management at the hospitals especially during busy periods or special events. For this purpose, mostly unarmed security guards maintain order and prevent congestion. 

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    At Eagle Eye Pro, we always value the security of the doctors, staff, nurses, and healthcare workers at the hospital. So we serve them with outstanding healthcare security guards providing high-class safety. We are also providing security guard healthcare and hospital security services to a variety of medical centers and hospitals. Keep in mind, that all our security guards are highly trained and are fully screened to serve you with the best services. 

    For the best hospital security services, we give you robust safety at the hospitals

    At Eagle Eye Pro, we have dedicated Los Angeles healthcare and hospital guards for the security of hospitals.

    Service FAQ's

    Why should we hire healthcare and hospital security.

    We all know very well about the importance of healthcare security guards at the hospital. In the hospital, there is a heavy inflow and outflow of people. So there is a possibility of any crime or suspicious activity there. This is the main reason different hospitals and healthcare hire Hospital security guards. Having security guards at the hospital will keep the environment safe for the patients, staff, as well as other people. These security guards do proper monitoring at the hospitals to keep up a healthy environment.

    What is the role of a hospital security guard?

    Healthcare and Hospital security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the staff, visitors, and patients. They normally respond to emergencies quickly and enforce the hospital policies. They also do patrolling of the grounds and parking lots. They are very well trained in how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

    What are the qualifications to become a hospital security guard?

    Most hospitals need security guards to have a high school diploma or equivalent degree. However, on the other side, some institutions need security guard training or certification. The hospitals always prefer additional certifications such as specific security measures, first aid, and CPR.

    What type of emergencies are hospital security guards responsible for?

    Mostly healthcare and Hospital security guards respond to different emergencies such as violent incidents, medical not, suspicious activity, lost or wandering patients, fires, and workplace violence.