We Ensure Your Club is Adequately Manned
With Legal Compliance

With our unparalleled security services, we keep your guests and customers safe!

At Eagle Eye Protection Inc. we proudly supply highly experienced and fully insured security guards for nightclubs, bars, pubs, and other licensed premises. Being the top-notch security service providers in the USA, we make sure to maintain the reputation of your business while keeping the trouble outside. With our security in Los Angeles, we help you deescalate and disperse complicated situations while handling the problems discretely.

24 hour security guards

Crowd Dispersion Service

Be it a nightclub, bar, or pub – we provide a comprehensive range of security  including, queue management, metal scanning, ID checking, bag searching, and many more. Our well-trained door supervisors handle difficult situations expertly while keeping your premises safe from destruction and damage. Not to mention, our security officers are always ready to step in if anything flares up.

Close Protection Officers

Being a multi-faced security service provider, we supply experienced, vetted, and licensed security staff – allowing you to focus on providing exceptional customer experience. Whether you are looking for permanent door staff or club security for one event, with Eagle Eye Protection Inc., your venue, staff, and members are in safe hands. Besides, our team comprises both male and female security guards offering elite safety and security service.

Service FAQ's

Do Security Guards Ensure the Safe Environment in Nightclubs?

Of course, they do. Security guards hired through a well-reputed company are professionally trained to remain vigilant while recognizing harmful behavior beforehand. You must have heard, theft and sexual assault are very common offenses that are committed inside the club – usually at the weekend. Security officers handle such situations differently to keep the environment enjoyable for others. Security in Los Angeles is responsible for constantly observing the behavior of members so that nothing goes unnoticed. However, if guards feel someone is showing risky behavior the security staff intervene before things get worse. At Eagle Eye Protection Inc., we provide our custodial staff with the necessary training they need to deal with in the situation of risk.

Does Security Staff Protect People Outside The Nightclub?

Sometimes, members leaving the club or pubs late at night are ultimately subjected to criminal activities including burglary, assault, and sexual harassment. However, to keep the members safe, security guards keep an eye on them for a mile ensuring their security. Besides, many clubs close between 1 am to 2 am, but still the streets and parking lots are dark, which increases the chances of any criminal activity to take place. Furthermore, most members leave the club under the influence of alcohol, crooks usually take advantage of such situations. The club security guards provide protection services to members leaving the club late at night, specifically those who are alone. On top of this, the security staff walks with the members through the dangerous areas outside the clubs.

Does Custodial Staff Prevent Underage Drinking?

Security guards at clubs protect members from sexual harassment, theft, and assault to keep everyone the same. Not just this, anyone can inform the club’s security officers about suspected stalking any abnormal behaviors. As a result of this, the security officers increase observations to address the concern while contacting the local police department only if the situation escalates. Other than this, Security in Los Angeles prevents underage visitors from consuming alcoholic beverages. Besides, security providers are responsible for ensuring that customers are of legal drinking age. Moreover, badged and uniformed staff prevents the use of fake ID cards while maintaining a safe environment.

Do Security Guards Access The Promises?

The club owners have numerous concerns – among all, accessing the premises is a major concern. Before, letting the members in, security guards make sure that the club is safe and secure from all aspects. Besides, they follow strict regulations to ensure safety measures. In addition, they limit the number of people inside the club at one time to keep an eye on everything. Not just this, club security makes sure that the establishment never exceeds capacity while avoiding costly fines. Moreover, security guards check ID cards to guarantee that all patrons who enter the bar or club are of legal drinking age.