We offer top-notch security guard services for cruise ships
to ensure the safety of passengers, crew, and the ship

Our services include access control, emergency response, surveillance, and other implementation of safety protocols on the cruise. 

Our security guards are highly active in responding to potential threats or incidents during the cruise. They are highly trained, meeting the highest standards of the industry. Our Security Officer for Cruise ships in Los Angeles has incredible knowledge and experience in maritime and security operations. Through our security services, we can deter any criminal activity.

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High-class video monitoring

Through our California Cruise ship security officers, we offer high-class video monitoring of the cruise using CCTV cameras. We normally monitor the ship, including stairs, corridors, hallways, and gangways. Our security guards watch the footage from these cameras to monitor and identify the potential risk before it can cause any harm. We normally monitor the video footage to detect any suspicious activity. Our security guards report to the superior security officer On the Cruise ship in any emergency.

Comprehensive cyber security measures

Our Cruise ship security officers also focus on cyber security along with the traditional security measures. Here, we protect the sensitive information and onboard systems from potential threats. In this modern world, we have increased technology integration in Cruise operations. We ensure the resilience of communication networks, navigation systems, and passenger data through our Cruise ship security guard service in Los Angeles. We work with implementing and updating these cyber security protocols. Thus, we can regularly assess the risks associated with the digital landscape and provide necessary training to increase awareness and mitigate them.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

We have highly qualified security officers for Cruise ships in Los Angeles who regulate and monitor access to specific areas on the cruise ship. Therefore, we prevent unauthorized entry on the cruise.

  • Lost and found assistance
    Eagle Eye Pro provides the top recreation area security guards managing lost and found services. Therefore, we assist the visitors in retrieving the misplaced items.
  • Security personnel
    Through our cruise ship security guard services, we have a visible security presence on the board to deter potential threats. Our security officers patrol different areas of the ships, such as restricted zones and public spaces.
  • Security training
    Our Security Officer for Cruise ships educates the staff about the security risk protocols and responses to different situations. We also conduct regular training sessions, workshops, and drills about security awareness.
  • Emergency response
    Eagle Eye Pro is the best Cruise ship security guard service developing and implementing plans for responding to emergencies. These emergencies include fires, medical crises, or security breaches.

We have


On The Cruise, there might be a high chance of criminal activities. This is why Eagle Eye Pro provides high-class cruise ship security services.

Our security officers have different security measures for screening guests and cruise ship crew members. The security measures differ from port to port and country to country. When the crew members and the guests arrive on the cruise ship, the security company must handle the onboard security personnel. We have the best California Cruise ship security officer managing the ship’s access controls. We also ensure that no other crew members or guests enter. We have the latest technologies to screen every guest and crew member boarding the cruise ship.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Cruise ship security guard service in Los Angeles

    Eagle Eye Pro has been in the security service for decades, providing specialized Cruise Security Services. We have a highly specialized and trained security team experienced to handle all possible security issues on cruise ships. Therefore, we provide top-class security from pirates and other medical emergencies.
    Along with giving tourists and passengers different luxury options and entertainment, it is also important to give them high security. Eagle Eye Pro is the top Cruise ship security service in Los Angeles, protecting the crew members and guests in a renowned way.
    Cruise lines normally operate cruise ships and are integral to the global tourism industry. The large number of passengers will generate big revenues, which is why the cruise industry is a big busi Cruise lines normally operate cruise ships and are integral to the global tourism industry. The large number of passengers will generate big revenues, which is why the cruise industry is a big business.  

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Passenger safety

    Eagle Eye Pro comes up with the best cruise ship security officer to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew members. We prevent them from potential threats, giving them a secure environment.

    Crime prevention

    Cruise ships are more susceptible to crimes like vandalism, assault, and theft. Through our Cruise ship security service, we help deter criminal activities with a quick response to any incident.

    Emergency response

    Through our trained security personnel, we can easily handle emergencies on the cruise ship. The Cruise ship security officers protect the crew members and passengers from natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other crises.

    Customs and immigration assistance

    With the help of our top Cruise ship security service, we always help smoother customs and immigration processes for passengers. We also help people comply with regulations and ensure a seamless travel experience.

    Conflict resolution

    Our security officers can easily handle different matters in different conflict situations among passengers and crew members. Therefore, they prevent escalations and maintain a peaceful environment.

    Security technology implementation

    For full-time security, it is necessary to implement security technology on cruise ships. Therefore, our cruise ship Security Services also include access control systems, biometric identification, surveillance cameras, etc.

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    With Us?

    Our California Cruise ship security officer comes up with comprehensive security solutions. Our security guards have cutting-edge technologies such as biometric excise control and advanced circular systems to ensure the highest level of safety on board. The Cruise ship security guards service from Eagle Eye Pro is specially designed to address each Cruise ship’s distinct needs and characteristics.

    Unparalleled cruise ship security solutions in Los Angeles.

    Safe voyages at Eagle Eye Pro with top Cruise ship security service in Los Angeles.

    Service FAQ's

    How can security guards maintain security during port visits?

    We always need high security on Cruise ships. Through our security guards, we provide access control measures and security personnel. They collaborate with the local authorities to ensure the passengers and the crew are safe and secure.

    Do The Cruise ship's security guards arrest the person in case of suspicious activity?

    The security guards of Cruise ships have limited jurisdiction and might not have the same authority as law enforcement. However, they can detain the person until the ship comes to its home port, where local authorities can take over.

    What is the role of a security officer for a Cruise ship in case of an emergency?

    Our Cruise ship security guards play a very important role in helping with the emergency evacuations. We normally work with emergency responders and ensure the overall safety of the passengers and the crew. 

    What responsibilities do Cruise ship security guards have on board?

    Normally, the security guards present at the cruise have different responsibilities. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of the passengers and the cruise. Normally, they conduct regular patrols and have highly updated monitoring systems there. They can quickly respond to incidents or emergencies.