Top rated Private party security
for the guests

High-class Private party security guards provide Eagle Eye Pro with years of experience. Our security gives uniforms as well as casually dressed security guards. 

Our service comes in the category of the best Private party security guard services offering highly trained security officers. We provide security officers as well as mobile patrol 24/7 for all your private parties and special events. So Eagle Eye Pro has a great reputation in the country as well as Los Angeles, having highly potential security guards. Therefore, we always tried a lot to serve the nation with Fully trained Security guards for private party in Los Angeles. Therefore, we provide astonishing security protocols for specific situations.

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Private Party Security Guards In Los Angeles

We have potential and fully trained security officers who are former military and retired law enforcement officers. So, they have come up with years of experience and training to manage all the risks associated with security. Normally, we hire Private security for parties in Los Angeles who are trained to manage all the risks and problems. We have come up with excellent Private party security guards who can handle all types of high-risk security threats.

Responsibility of Private Party Security

Our security guard for a private party in Los Angeles is ready to handle any kind of private event, as we also have active shooters in our team. Eagle Eye Pro is a committed company that is available in Los Angeles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So we are providing all kinds of private party security guard services that are top notch and fast and reliable. We also come up with private party restaurant security who set the standard when it comes to the special event with commercial protection services. In our team, we have very dedicated security guards.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Along with maintaining the security at the private party, our private party security guards also communicate well with the guests.

  • Guest management and access controlEagle Eye Pro is the best private party security providing guest screening in which they verify the ID and check the guest lists. Therefore, our security prevents the unauthorized entry of individuals.
  • Safety and security measurements
    Eagle Eye Pro provides the best private party security in Los Angeles, ensuring the safety and security of the guests. Security guards do regular patrols of the venue both indoors and outdoors. Our security guard for private parties does full monitoring, crowd control and smooth flow of movement.
  • Conflict resolution and Descalation
    Our company provides the best security guard in Los Angeles, an expert in conflict resolution and D escalation. So we will resolve mediating disputes, maintain a calm environment and remove disruptive guests.
  • General assistance and information
    Our private party security Guards in Los Angeles are very active in assisting the guests if they want to go anywhere. On the other side, we also help in finding the lost and found items.

We have


Our main purpose is to hire private security for the parties in Los Angeles who have the potential to do this work. Eagle Eye Pro provides party security guard services at an affordable rate. 

So we provide high-class Security at private party in Los Angeles, from proactive crime prevention to giving assistance and maintaining the order. We are the best company having multifaceted duties. Our security guards provide both highly motivated specialty Guards and professional dispatchers. Eagle Eye Pro is always better with professionalism and care, giving the best security guard services. So if you want a security guard for a private party then you can contact us any time. 

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Private Party Security Guard Services

    Our company hired private security for party in Los Angeles in peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your guests. On the other side, we are also providing a private party restaurant security. We provide Security at private party in Los Angeles where guests are professionally trained to protect the clients from various dangers. 
    Our security guards for private party are experts in monitoring the entry and exit points as these are the critical places where there is the danger of any criminal activity. Therefore, our security guard for a private party in Los Angeles prevents unauthorized access, ensuring only the guests are allowed to go.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Improved guest experience

    With the help of private party security guards in Los Angeles, the guests in the party will feel relaxed and comfortable without worrying about security. The security also helps in conflict resolution.

    Prevention of private party threads

    Keep this thing in mind that: every party is different and has different security concerns, but thanks to Security at a private party in Los Angeles. They have trained and experienced private party security personnel.

    Managing large crowds and alcohol

    Eagle Eye Pro comes up with incredible Security at a private party in Los Angeles, managing the large crowds and alcohol. We have excellent private security guard services to identify the escalating behavior and solve it.

    High security of high-profile guests

    Not only all the guests in the private party, we are providing the best private security guards who give special security to the high profile guests.

    Prevention from party crashers

    There is always a risk of the entry of the party crushers who might give any security threat. This is the main reason our company is giving high profile private party security guard services to prevent these party crashers.

    Prevention from any criminal activity

    Eagle Eye Pro offers excellent security guards for private parties, having all the skills to prevent any criminal activity. They can easily identify and address potential risks, therefore calming down the situation.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    The good thing about our services is that we not only offer the given services but also welcome custom offers according to the needs of the client. Our private party security Guards in Los Angeles are very potential and serve different venues according to the guest list. We always keep in mind the requirements of the host, what he wants, and what he needs. Also, on the other side, our security guard services are licensed ensuring that the private party will go on peacefully. Eagle Eye Pro is also providing private party restaurant security giving both static security and mobile security. It means that some of our security guards are present at fixed points, and some will move here and there to check the key areas.

    Maintaining vigilance throughout the venue

    Incredible private party security with potential security guards.

    Service FAQ's

    What types of services do private party security guards offer?

    • First aid
    • Conflict resolution
    • Crowd control
    • Patrolling
    • Guest Screening
    • Emergency response
    • Protection of property

    How many security guards are needed in a private party?

    The number of private party security guards is dependent on the number of guests; for example, if there are 50 to 100 guests in a private party, then you need one or two security guards. However, on the other side, if the party is outdoors, then you may require more security guards for a private party. Another requirement of having more security is that if you have a crowd there. So, it means that you need fewer security guards for a private party if a formal event is going to be held. We always recommend the client discuss with us all the details about the private party so that we can implement the security at the private party according to the needs.

    How much do private party security guards cost?

    The cost of these security Guards in Los Angeles depends on the location and the number of Guards according to the event. It also depends on the experience and qualifications of the security guards. However, it is expected that the average cost of a security guard is 25 to 75 dollars per hour.

    What are the requirements to hire private security for the party in Los Angeles?

    • Insurance of the security guard
    • Qualifications
    • Experience
    • References
    • Communication protocol
    • The average cost of the security guard
    • Any additional service