We provide professional dispensary security guards,
ensuring full safety and security.

Eagle Eye Pro is the best Dispensary Security Company doing different roles in the dispensary, such as surveillance system, monitoring, security protocols, and much more. 

The main goal of our company is to maintain a secure environment in the dispensary. We make sure that the security guards keep them away from crime and theft. So, if you want a reliable and affordable way to prevent theft and vandalism from dispensaries, then we are Expert Dispensary Security Services. We are a locally owned dispensary security company with the best value in private security protection. We strategically place the CCTV security cameras in different areas of the dispensary. We do so to protect from the intruders.

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Dispensary security guards Los Angeles

Mostly in dispensaries, there are many cases of robbery, burglary, and theft. So, for this purpose, we have introduced expert dispensary security services. We provide you with highly professional and qualified dispensary security guards professionals who can deter crime in all ways. Our security Guards normally work in a fast paced environment able to escalate conflict situations. Eagle Eye Pro is a very professional dispensary security company that enforces dispensary rules and regulations effectively.

Expert dispensary security services

Our company has the best dispensary security guards who can easily prevent underage customers from entering the dispensary. The security guards must ensure that the customers comply with all applicable rules. Our company provides you with armed dispensary security guards as well as unarmed security guards for the security of your dispensary. Normally, different dispensaries hire armed security guards, and this is the main reason we are also providing these security guards to deal with armed robberies.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

We provide trustworthy dispensary security guards who physically detect any suspicious activity, such as theft, loitering, and criminal behavior.

  • Security presence
    We are providing high class dispensary security guards protecting all the employees, customers, and visitors during hours of operation. Therefore, the people in the dispensary will be more productive with these security solutions.
  • Managing the flow of customers
    Along with protection, we are one of the best dispensary security companies managing the flow of customers. We normally do verification and identification of the visitors, customers, patients, and caregivers.
  • Vehicle Patrol
    We are equipped with dedicated dispensary security professionals with onsite patrol vehicle services. Our security guards do mobile patrol throughout the dispensary as well as in the parking lots.
  • Unarmed security guards
    Eagle Eye Pro is a top dispensary security company in Los Angeles with unarmed security guards. They play a very important role in maintaining safety by controlling troublemakers and other criminal activities.

We have


We are providing expert dispensary security services helping in deterring crime at your dispensary. Our well-trained security guards are always active in preventing the theft of property and money.

Our company is a reliable dispensary security company that easily mitigates assault and vandalism. We have trained dispensary security guards expert enough to detect any suspicious activity. We will solve different issues before they escalate. To provide full security and safety, we recommend hiring armed security guards so that criminals think twice about targeting a particular place. The good thing about our company is that our security guards also work together with other law enforcement agencies. Through this joint venture with other law enforcement agencies, it is very easy to solve the crimes that occur on the premises.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Dispensary Security Guard Services

    On the other side, we provide the best dispensary security services, checking the behavior of the customers as well as the employees. The reason is that if there is any misconduct by the employees or customers then it would affect your dispensary.
    Although security guards arrange CCTV cameras to check suspicious activity, our security guards are more active, having a great visual deterrent. Eagle Eye Pro is a licensed dispensary security company ensuring that everyone is following the particular rules and regulations.
    Our company comes in the category of the best Los Angeles dispensary security firms. You always give priority to the security of the employees as well as the customers in the dispensary. We have highly qualified aecurity guards who ensure the safe supply of the deliveries.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Preventing dispensary robbery

    The main benefit of hiring dispensary security guards professionals is that it prevents pharmacy robberies. So, with the help of the potential security guards, our dispensaries will effectively prevent theft.

    Maintaining a positive environment

    Although our dispensary security guards are very strict in maintaining security, they are also humble in maintaining a positive environment. This thing is very impressive for the customer as well as the employees.

    Fast emergency response

    Our company comes in the category of the best dispensary Security agencies having security guards with quick emergency response. The reason is that they go through different training, such as first aid and emergency management. 

    Video surveillance monitoring

    Not only performing security purposes, our security guards are also educated to use video cameras. The main purpose of video surveillance monitoring is that you can save the records from the object around the clock.

    Risk assessment

    We are providing you with the best dispensary Security Services with security guards who can assess the risk. Our guards will guide you about the particular threats and then decide the strategy on how to defend the people against thieves.

    Preventing unauthorized access

    We provide you the best dispensary security with security guards who can control access to the pharmacy. It is helpful in maintaining patient privacy and also prevents theft.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    We have a highly qualified team of specialists at Eagle Eye Pro who pass all the training and experience necessary to avoid a variety of risk exposures. The best thing about our dispensary security guards is that they are very strategic and know very well how to respond to a particular intensive situation. So, we have specialized security guards who promise to protect the employees, customers, and assets at the dispensary. We have very powerful dispensary security solutions that allow us to provide a trustworthy service at the dispensary.

    Protecting the customers as well as the employees at a reliable dispensary security company with highly professional security guards

    At Eagle Eye Pro, we have a dedicated security solution for your dispensary.

    Service FAQ's

    Why is security particularly important for dispensaries?

    There are different reasons for the security of the dispensaries. One of the reasons is that it contains high-value products, which are also expensive. The products are, therefore, attractive targets for theft. However, on the other side, there are also large cash transactions. So, it needs robust security measures for this cash holding business.

    What type of security services do dispensaries need?

    Dispensary Security Services are very vast, but the common services include:

    • Surveillance cameras and alarm systems
    • The presence of armed and unarmed security guards
    • Access control systems and ID verifications
    • Cash handling procedures and armored transport

    How can we choose a dispensary security company?

    here are different things that you should keep in mind while choosing a dispensary security guard company such as:

    • Positive reputation and references
    • Verification of the quality service and expertise
    • Accountability and professionalism
    • The company must be insured and licensed 
    • Understand the specific security challenges

    What security regulations do dispensaries have to follow?

    The rules and regulations for dispensary security are different depending on the particular state and locality.

    • Procedures for handling cash and inventory
    • Training of the staff on security protocols
    • Presence of onsite security tools such as access control, alarms, and cameras
    • Return security plan in which different security measures and procedures are written.