We provide qualified and experienced
standing Guards security in Los Angeles.

Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best standing guard companies in Los Angeles, with both armed and unarmed security guards. According to the wish of the client, we also provide both uniformed and plainclothes security guards.

Another great quality of our company is that we also supervise our guards through mobile supervisors. Standing guard security in Los Angeles is the best choice for affordable standing guard service. We have decades of experience in offering standing guards who are expertly trained and service-oriented. From alarm responses to mobile patrol, our standing guards are very committed to giving customized services. Our company provides you the security guards who ensure the safest and secure environment.

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Number 1 Standing Guard company near me in Los Angeles

Our guards undergo proper training and tests so that they are able to protect your personal and property in a better way. We are a dedicated company to protect your property with incredible integrity and dedication. Our security guards are highly experienced because of the skillful training of our highly skilled supervisors. So we are one of the best standing guards security companies in Los Angeles who are physically fit and have great stamina to secure the particular place.

Adaptable and flexible standing guards

Our security guards not only do the traditional duty but are also adaptable and flexible enough to change them according to the situation. So they can easily handle the unexpected situation adjusting to the changing environment. They can handle pressure or any conflicting situation with a calm and flexible mind. Although they do the job of security, they are also humble to interact with the customers and maintain a friendly environment. So, our security guards create a positive and welcoming environment for everyone.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

We provide you with the best standing guard security in Los Angeles, equipped with core security skills. Our guards can easily detect potential threats and identify them.

  • Familiar with computer skills
    Our security guards are also experienced enough to operate the CCTV Cameras, alarm systems, and access control systems.
  • Emergency response
    We provide you with the best standing Guard Security in Los Angeles with amazing emergency response. So they can easily respond to critical situations such as fire, medical emergencies, or security breaches.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
    Our security guards know very well how to diffuse conflicts and tense situations through communication and interpersonal powers. So they can easily cooperate with the people and de-escalate with calm and confident words.
  • Problem-solving ability
    There are sometimes problems in different situations that go wordless, but thanks to the standing guards. They can solve the problem and they are also trained to make quick decisions.

We have


Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best security guard companies in Los Angeles, providing full-service private security.Our services are highly professional and cost-effective whether you want armed or unarmed standing guards. 

They are also expert enough to monitor the alarm systems and give you the full response. Our company also provides you with class mobile patrol as well as firewatch security. Not only standing guard services at general places, but we also provide a wide range of security such as events security, gate Guards security, standing Guards at reception as well as parking. We have also introduced customer security programs to give you the services according to your needs. Our customer services are according to your budget as well as your requirements. We have highly professional and highly-trained security guards with years of experience protecting and securing your premises.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Standing Security Guard Services

    We provide services to different locations in Los Angeles to make the place safe and secure. To give the highest level of protection for our clients, our standing Guard Security effectively selects and trains our officers to do their jobs according to the industry's standards. 
    Companies always want licensed standing guards, and this is the main reason our officers are licensed, passing through FBI and California Department of Justice background checks. They have also passed the personality test and drug screening. We have trained guards to protect you in all aspects because they have also passed through rigorous training programs. 
    Eagle Eye Pro is a renowned and trusted company that provides high-quality standing guard security in Los Angeles. Our security guards are trained enough to help you get rid of all the security-threatening situations. We are the best company to rely on because our team is highly resourceful and well-trained. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Crime deterrence

    Our security guards have a great crime deterrence for criminal activity. To prevent the crime from happening, our security guards take essential measures to get him and others out of the situation.

    Tight security throughout the area

    Through multiple CCTV cameras with live feed, we always do tight security. The lights, CCTV cameras, and a roving security guard help in keeping away the suspicious people. 

    Credible witness

    In case of any unfortunate event, our standing security guard will give you a reliable witness. In this way, they can provide the information and statements for the police.

    Securely respond to the intruders.

    We are the best-standing security guards in Los Angeles, where our guards can easily respond to intruders or vandals. 

    An outstanding security

    With the help of standing guards in Los Angeles, our clients definitely feel outstanding security. So your customers and staff are fully secure.

    Restricted areas protection

    Sometimes, there are places in your businesses where it is clearly written that they are not allowed to go there, but people go there. But thanks to the standing guards who easily protect the restricted areas at the particular area.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro excels among other standing security guard companies because of the highly trained and hardworking professionals. Therefore, our guards are an integral part of our long-lasting reputation. Keep this thing in mind that our standing security guards are carefully selected and fully screened. Therefore, we ensure that we provide the very best security services to our clients. So, we are successful in providing dedicated and professional standing guards, allowing for a safe and cooperative working environment. 

    Highly professional and dedicated standing guards security in Los Angeles

    Our security guards have great stamina in protecting events, businesses, and private places.

    Service FAQ's

    What is the main role of most security guards?

    There are different duties of the standing guards such as securing the premises and the personnel, inspecting the equipment and the buildings as well as monitoring the surveillance equipment. They also manage the entry and exit of suspicious people. However, on the other side, their security increases when the security guards use CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and lighting systems.

    What is the required age to become a security guard?

    For standing guards guard services in Los Angeles, the Required age to become a security guard is 18 years, and he should also have a clear criminal record demonstrated through a background check. Therefore, he should be mature enough to perform this critical job of security.

    How do the standing guards ensure that my property and personnel are safe?

    Standing Guard companies in Los Angeles must have a multi-layered approach to guarantee the safety of the personnel and the property. He should be experienced and trained and must know the use of technology to prevent weird things from happening. 

    How do the standing Guards respond to any security threats?

    • Detection of the threats through monitoring systems and data analysis
    • Taking Swift actions to isolate the threat
    • Giving information about the event to the human security teams