We provide high-class temporary security officers
for short-term security guard needs.

Hiring the temporary security guards is the best solution for your company. We offer active short-term guards at an affordable price. 

Our security guards are very professional and simply do their work with full devotion and dedication. So, if you need a certified security officer for your security, then we will send the security guard to your location immediately. So we give you high-class short-term security services by clearly understanding your demands. Eagle Eye Pro is an incredible company that recruits dependable, professional, and knowledgeable security guards.

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Professional temporary security services

Our temporary security officers will give you security services 24/7. There comes a situation when you need temporary security guards for your security. For this purpose, we are always here for our clients. So we offer short-term security services for special events, one-time events, or any emergency. Off-duty officers are present for these types of services. These officers are highly trained with the background of duty security officers.

Dedicated Temporary security protection

Our temporary security guard provider provides the services for both public and private events. At events, most people overlook security, but they don’t know how important security is for their overall well-being. Our short-term safety guards are always here for you for different events such as political rallies, concerts, music festivals, or weddings. Our guards are skilled and have the potential enough to keep your business and the guests safe and secure. 

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

With short-term security guards, you will get security against property crimes, crimes against private citizens, and other types of crimes. Temporary guards serve the people of different platforms such as schools, residences, corporations, etc.

  • Eagle Eye Pro has earned a great reputation for being courteous and friendly. We always give respect to our clients by serving them with quality services.
  • Fast response time
    We always strive a lot to respond to our clients immediately, and this is the main reason we are a call away from them. Protecting the clients from any kind of threat through our fast response.
  • Protecting the people and property
    Our temporary security guards are very professional protecting the people as well as the clients. They deter any criminal activity quickly and are equipped with all the tools for protection.
  • Around-the-clock availability
    It does not matter what the time; we provide short-term security services 24/7. Our armed and unarmed security guards are ready to protect you anytime you want.

We have


Our temporary security agency serves you with highly qualified security guards who are licensed and fully trained. We ensure the legal and ethical practices delivering the potential security services. 

Our security guards are committed to giving proper security to the people. Therefore, they will feel peace of mind at the same time. Our security guard providers in Los Angeles do customized planning and coordination. Our security guards work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs before starting the work. It shows that we always give value to our clients with a customized security plan. 

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Temporary Security Guard Services

    We always need security for ourselves as well as our property as this thing is very important. If you want temporary security for your event or your property, then our temporary security officer will serve the purpose. For a high-profile event, construction site, or musical event, our temporary security personnel is always here for you.
    Therefore, we are serving our clients with reliable and versatile services. Our security guards are very active and trained on how to deter any criminal activity. They are very cunning in observing any suspicious thing around them.
    Along with physical security, we also use other sources of technology, such as mobile devices, CCTV cameras, and alarm systems.  So, our immediate response to our clients' immediate needs will boost us to cater to them with purified services. Short-term security services understand different situations and respond to them differently. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Enhanced focus on core activities

    Our short-term security services serve you with qualified security guards. We come up with enhanced core activities, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

    Specialized skills

    Temporary security providers from Eagle Eye Pro serve you with specialized skills. They control different things, such as access control, crowd control, crime prevention, etc. 

    Professional deterrence

     We have uniform security guards who act as a deterrent to protect the people from criminals or any criminal activity. They always contribute to a safer environment and prevent any kind of incident.

    Reduced Liability

    By giving services to the security company, businesses normally give liability to the security company. We take all the liabilities of giving proper security to our clients. 

    Immediate response

    When you face any criminal activity, sudden threats, or emergencies, we provide you with efficient temporary security guards with quick and immediate responses to suspicious activities.


    Temporary security guard services are also scalable. It means that you can adjust the number of guards according to the size and nature of the operation.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is a dedicated private security company providing comprehensive temporary security guard services. Our security guards provide temporary Security to retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, parking lots, industrial parks, schools, colleges, warehouses, and much more. Our temporary security guards are available for you 24/7 to give you full security. 

    Temporary security for any situation or any suspicious activity.

    Managing dangerous security threats for the safety of the people and the property.

    Service FAQ's

    What is a temporary security guard service?

    A temporary security guard normally gives services to clients on a short-term basis to meet specific security needs. Security companies normally give services for construction sites, events, or other situations for particular times.

    Why do people need temporary security guard services?

    Temporary security guard services are very important for different kinds of construction projects, emergencies, or events. Here, there is a short term or sudden need for security arises. These security guards control criminal activities and crowds and ensure the safety of the people and the property.

    What are the situations or events that need temporary security guards?

    People normally require temporary security guards for weddings, events, festivals, concerts, corporate gatherings, trade shows, etc. On the other side, they also serve on different platforms, such as facility renovations, construction projects, etc.

    How do security companies train temporary Security guards?

    The security company ensures that its security guards undergo special and comprehensive training programs. In this training, they learn very well about conflict resolution, crowd management, emergency response, communication skills, and much more.