We offer trade show security to protect
the visitors and the people of the trade show.

Eagle Eye Pro comes up with highly efficient trade show security guard services. We usually hire security guards to protect the visitors of the trade show as well as other people working there. 

We strategically place the security guards so that the visitors cannot see them. Some of our security guards are present in front of a stage show that people do see them. Then visitors can easily evaluate that it is not allowed to trespass the security guard. Our company has responsible security services for expos with security guards who make sure that all visitors have a valid admission ticket. So, we always make sure that visitors are not carrying items that could potentially harm other visitors at the trade show.

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Professionally trained guards handle large crowds.

Our event security for trade shows is highly trained to handle large clouds. Mostly, our security guards are present at the start and the beginning of the trade show. Help the people to enter and leave the venue as quickly and easily as possible. We are providing high-class exhibition Security Services to control the crowd from the start to the end of the trade show. Through our trade fair security, our security guards are always present there to keep an eye on any suspicious behavior.

Protection against unwanted visitors

Along with the advancement in technology, there is also an increase in threats globally. So it is difficult to handle a trade show without thinking about security. Eagle Eye Pro is the best trade expo security firm, having security guards to protect visitors in all ways. This is the main reason there will be no room for any type of violence at the trade show. We always make sure that our trade show is fully protected from unwanted visitors or possible threats.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Clear and effective communication at the trade show is very much necessary. This is the main reason our trade show security guards have great communication with the attendees, exhibitors, and other staff members.

  • Technology proficiency
    We provide high-class trade show protection services with familiarity with the security technology. Our guards are expert enough to control the access control systems, communication devices, surveillance systems, etc.
  • Emergency response
    Eagle Eye Pro offers event safety for trade exhibitions where security guards are trained in emergency response. They know about coordination with emergency services, evacuation plans, and first aid.
  • Observation skills
    Our trade show security specialists in Los Angeles have great observation skills. They can easily detect unauthorized access, potential threats, and suspicious activities.
  • Conflict resolution
    Through our trade show security guard services, our security guards are trained in conflict resolution and handling disputes or other issues.

We have


At trade shows, hundreds of thousands of visitors are present. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to do proper security. 

For this purpose, you should hire more security guards to secure the people and assets there. We are one of the best trade show event security companies to handle big crowds and navigate challenging situations. The trade show security guards from our company are highly expert in working on different expos, conventions, and trade shows. They know very well how to monitor all the moving parts that go into the event. They are very humble and know very well how to manage the whole security of the show.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Trade Show Security Guard Services

    It is always important to keep the security of the trade shows from the start to the end. Eagle Eye Pro provides top-notch security for trade exhibitions to handle any kind of emergency. At the trade shows, vendors are present from all over the world. 
    They have a lot of stock to sell, but unfortunately, some thieves might find the unloading time to be the perfect chance to get involved. To avoid these unexpected situations, trade show security guards will definitely serve the purpose. We also provide trade display security to have a check on all the things, visitors, and employees. 
    So our company comes in the category of the best trade show security company powerful enough to deter any potential criminal. Through our convention security services, our guards are fully experts in watching every inch of the trade show and confronting issues. However, along with maintaining security, our trade expo security guards are humble enough to communicate with all the people there, maintaining a healthy environment.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Asset protection

    Through our security services for expos, our security guards can prevent vandalism, theft, or unauthorized access to valuable assets such as equipment, merchandise, and other exhibit materials.

    Customized security plans

    Our trade show security guard services also offer customized security plans. Our security guards work with event organizers to develop customized security plans based on the specific needs and risks of the trade show.

    Safety and emergency response

    Eagle Eye Pro also provides exhibition security services with safety and emergency response. Our security guards are quick enough to respond immediately to any fires, unexpected situations, or medical incidents.

    Vendor and exhibitor assistance

    Along with maintaining security, our trade show security guards also assist exhibitors and vendors. They help them in setting up the things ensuring the security of the materials and merchandise throughout the event.

    Crowd control

    In the trade shows, there are big crowds. So, for this purpose, our security guards are expert enough to manage the crowd flow and ensure an organized and smooth event.

    Conflict resolution

    If there is any conflict or dispute, we come up with the best trade show security trained enough to handle diplomatic situations effectively.

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    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro provides high-class trade show protection services managing big crowds. With our Security Services, there will be no room for any type of violence. We always make sure that our security guards are expert enough to protect the show from unwanted visitors or possible threats.

    Skilled event safety for trade exhibitions unveiling the Guardians of Commerce

    Professional trade show Security Services Los Angeles.

    Service FAQ's

    What services do trade show security guards provide?

    Trade show officers normally give different types of services such as crowd management, surveillance, emergency response, perimeter security, access control, and much more. They ensure the security and safety of the exhibitors, attendees, as well as assets during the trade show. 

    Why is there a need for security on the trade shows?

    We all know very well that at trade shows, large crowds are present, as well as valuable assets. To protect these things, there is always a need for security there. On the trade shows, sensitive information and high profile in the mutuals are also present. So, to protect them from any activities, trade show security is always there for them.

    What qualifications do your security guards have?

    The security guards have training in different things, such as emergency response, communication skills, and crowd control. Normally, the typical security guard has certifications in CPR, relevant security training, and first aid. Their background checks are conducted to get a clean record.

    How many security guards do we need at a trade show?

    It actually depends on the size of the trade Show. The number of security guards is also directly related to the specific security needs, the number of attendees, as well as the venue layout. Normally, people conduct a security assessment to determine the appropriate staffing level.