We provide high-performance assisted living
security services, maintaining a secure environment.

For assisted living facilities, we always prioritize security to ensure the safety of the residents. We provide incredible assisted living security using different security measures.

Typically, we offer high-class assisted living security guard services in Los Angeles using access control systems, trained staff, emergency response protocols, and surveillance cameras. Using regular assessments and different updates to our security procedures, we can easily maintain a secure environment for our residents. With the help of the security cameras, we can keep track of the residents and improve the staff’s productivity. We also provide the best assisted living security using video surveillance in the rooms 24/7.

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Monitor visitor management

Through our assisted living security, we secure the potentially dangerous areas from the residents. It is our top priority to protect the residents from any potential threat. We must ensure that only the authorized individuals can enter the property. We can do it using monitored visitor management. Eagle Eye Pro is the best-assisted living security service in Los Angeles, using an effective visitor management system. Through this system, we are providing security for the staff as well as the guests.

Personal emergency devices

We assist with high-class emergency devices through our top assisted living security services in Los Angeles. Our security guards easily check the use of personal emergency devices. We have different hand-held alarm systems with which the residents can instantly request assistance from the care given in case of any medical emergency. Through these medical alert systems, our assisted security guards have helped save them from life-threatening incidents. We also have trained professionals at the place to provide essential medical assistance.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Our assisted security guards can quickly and effectively communicate with the authorities in emergencies. We ensure a coordinated response by contacting local law enforcement and emergency services.

  • Deterrence
    The presence of assisted living security guards acts as a strong deterrent to criminals. So, they create a visible presence that discourages suspicious activities, theft, or trespassing.
  • Emergency response
    We provide high-quality assisted living Security Services with security guards who are trained to handle emergency situations effectively.
  • Access control
    Our top assisted living security experts can easily monitor the access points. At these access points, we normally check the identification and verification of the visitors, ensuring that unauthorized individuals will not enter.
  • Patrols and Surveillance
    Eagle Eye Pro provides the best-assisted living Security Services using patrols and surveillance. Normally, we use CCTV cameras and address any security risk proactively.

We have


Whenever there is a question about the safety and security of assisted living facilities, having a reliable security system is very important.

Eagle Eye Pro provides you with the top assisted living security services in Los Angeles with a high-class Security system. Our main purpose is to help protect the residents and the staff from potential theft. So our assisted living security gives you great peace of mind for families. Our security guards also provide a wander management system to help keep residents from living in safe areas. For this purpose, we provide tags or bracelets that the residents wear. We also provide a personal emergency response system using a device worn by the residents.

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    Our Expertise in

    assisted security Service

    Our security guards are always here for you for open communication and collaboration. We also offer customized security plans by designing a unique security strategy according to the needs of our clients. 
    We have a range of security measures such as risk assessment, access control, surveillance, etc. It does not matter whether you want remote monitoring or on-site personnel; we deliver a vigilant presence. Through our assisted living security, we give you full-time security to your personnel and assets. 
    We are the top assisted living security services, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the residents in assisted living facilities. Eagle Eye Pro offers you a high-class security service, ensuring a secure environment.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Fire safety

    Eagle Eye Pro provides high-class assisted living security for fire and emergencies. For this purpose, we use smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire extinguishers.

    Crisis intervention and De-escalation

    Security personnel come up with top assisted living Security Services trained in crisis intervention and escalation techniques. So we can handle the situations calmly and professionally while providing a secure environment.

    Resident safety and wellbeing

    Through our living security measures, we always prioritize the residents’ safety and wellbeing. We have trained security guards who effectively respond to emergencies and address medical situations.

    Alzheimer's and dementia support

    Eagle Eye Pro provides the best-assisted living Security Services, helping residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. We ensure secure entry and exit of the people understanding the unique challenges associated with memory care.

    Visitor management

    Through our assisted living security, we always ensure that the visitors are monitored and authorized. So, we prevent potential security risks and protect the residents from unwanted individuals.

    Protection of personal property

    Through our living security, our security guards provide security measures that contribute to the protection of the personal property of the residents.

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    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is a competitive assisted living security service helping the living facilities and retirement community in uniforms. Our security guards normally use CCTV cameras to increase the safety of the living community. Through our assisted security, it gives more confidence to the occupants as well as the health care staff.

    Ensuring resident safety with our top assisted living security services in Los Angeles

    Providing the best-assisted living Security Services with unparalleled security protocols in our living community.

    Service FAQ's

    How does assisted living security help in the safety of the residence?

    Our security is designed to give residents safety by implementing different measures such as trained security personnel, surveillance, and axis control. Through our security services, we create a secure living environment. It also reduces the risk of unauthorized access, accidents, or other safety concerns.

    How does assisted living security address emergencies?

    Our top assisted living Security Services trains our security guards to react effectively to emergencies, such as fires, medical incidents, or other crises. Normally, the security services use regular drills, emergency response plans, and coordination with local emergency services. It, therefore, helps provide a comprehensive approach to handling unforeseen situations.

    What role does visitor management play in assisted living security?

    Visitor management plays a very important role in security. It ensures that only authorized people can enter the premises. It also helps protect the security risks and safeguard the residents from unwanted or unauthorized visitors.

    What role does assisted living security play in contributing to the overall wellbeing and confidence of the residents?

    With the help of effective security measures, the security guards can create a sense of safety and security among the residents. It also increases overall well-beingwellbeing and confidence. So people will always feel secure and protected in their living environment. It will, therefore, positively impact the residents’ quality of life and contentment.