We provide high-class front desk security to deter theft,
loitering, trespassing, and vandalism.

We provide incredible reception area security to deter any criminal activity. Normally, we deal with these types of activities at the executive buildings and offices. 

To prevent suspicious activities, we enforce the rules and regulations as well as specific safety requirements. These requirements are parking lot citations, bag and belonging inspections, ID verification, etc. We also give in-depth consultations before dispatching our guards. Eagle Eye Pro provides the best lobby desk Security Services, understanding the client’s demands for custom services. We are an experienced company to develop a custom security plan for our clients.

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VIP/ Executive lobby desk Security Services

We provide VIP entrance desk safety in Los Angeles with highly qualified security guards. Keep this thing in mind: our security guards pass through extensive interview processes, background checks, and drug testing. We also give full protection in lobby areas and keep up the friendly environment. Our security guards can provide excellent customer service in a professional environment. They are highly trained to give all aspects of security guards services. Our security guards provide exceptional reception area security experts in emergency response and first aid.

Communication with visitors upon arrival

The reception security offers the best security guards with amazing communication. Keep this thing in mind that in front desk security, communication is always important. Therefore, our security guards always give instructions to the visitors as well as know very well how to take necessary actions. Eagle Eye Pro provides highly qualified security guards to deliver instructions in a professional manner. Therefore, it ensures that the visitors will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Eagle Eye Pro is a dedicated company providing professional security for reception areas. We are expert enough to prevent any criminal activity at the front desk.

  • Quick response
    We provide high-class entrance desk safety with quick response to any criminal or suspicious activity. Therefore, our security guards respond properly, minimizing the potential threats.
  • Identity verification
    Our company provides you with the best professional security for reception areas where, first of all, identity verification is done. So they carefully identify the particular person entering the premises.
  • Customer service
    We are providing corporate reception security with the best customer service. Normally, our security guards provide information, give directions, and assistance to the visitors creating a healthy atmosphere.
  • Asset protection
    Eagle Eye Pro provides you with the best front desk security solutions protecting the property and the equipment. Normally, our security guards protect and monitor important assets such as inventory, equipment, and valuable items.

We have


With the help of our security services for lobby areas, we provide you with a reliable access control system. This access control system does more than just control the restricted areas.  

Our reception and lobby security guards normally track and record the entry of individuals. They also check the activities of these individuals such as who is going in the building or going out of the building. Therefore, these things are facilitated by our reliable desk security systems. Using CCTV cameras and alarm systems is highly beneficial because then you can check the record about the identification of a particular person. When you choose our reception and lobby security, then you can effectively prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your business operations. You can also mitigate security risks as well as protect your valuable assets.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Front Desk Security Guard Services

    We have secured front desk security, providing a sense of safety and protection for both the staff and the customers. We came up with incredible front desk security solutions such as visitor management, CCTV cameras, access control systems, and much more. We also monitor the entry and exit points by keeping in mind who is entering the building or who is going out of the building.
    This is the main reason we serve you with reception and lobby security, giving you all the protection that you want. Having the front desk security will serve as the first line of defense against potential threats.
    Eagle Eye Pro is a promising company with entrance area security professionals. Our security guards are highly qualified to safeguard your business as well as your customers. As a business owner, it is very important to ensure the security of the people as well as different assets in your business. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Crime prevention

    The main advantage of front desk security is crime prevention. So, our security guards at the front desk can easily deter unauthorized individuals from attempting unlawful activities.

    Customized security solutions

    With a successful strategy and business plan for retail security, it opens a gateway to many other visitors and countries worldwide. It helps bring more business to your country. 

    Peace of mind

    When we have security providers for lobbies, then ultimately, there will be peace of mind for the employees as well as the visitors. Therefore, it contributes to the sense of safety and well-being for both the visitors and employees.

    Enhanced business reputation

    When we have a safe and secure environment along with peace at the particular business, then it will automatically enhance the reputation of a business. Therefore, it makes it more attractive to customers, clients, and partners. 

    Conflict resolution

    When there are disputes or conflicts in a building or front desk, then our security guards will help resolve the particular issues. Therefore, our entrance desk safety can help resolve the issues peacefully.

    Enhanced safety and emergency response

    We provide you with business lobby security services with enhanced safety and emergency response. Our security guards are trained enough to handle the emergency. We assist with medical incidents or other crises. 

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Front desk Security at Eagle Eye Pro also comes up with customized services according to your needs. So, along with highly qualified security guards and customer service skills, we always give priority to our clients. So we are giving the best corporate reception security with highly trained and experienced security guards. Reception desk safety is always the priority of our highly active security guards.

    Incredible front desk security guard services for the prevention of attendees

    Protecting the inside of the building from potential security threats and criminal activity.

    Service FAQ's

    What is the major duty of a front desk security guard?

    The main responsibility of a front desk security guard is to ensure safety and security in the office.The main responsibility of a front desk security guard is to ensure safety and security in the office. Normally, we do different tasks such as conflict resolution, customer service, emergency response, access control, surveillance, etc.

    How does a front desk security guard control the access to the premises?

    First of all, the security guards identify the individuals who are entering the premises. Then, they check for the authorization. After that, they issue passes or badges, therefore, imposing the entry and exit procedures.

    What type of training do front desk security guards receive?

    The security providers for lobbies normally do different training, such as conflict resolution, customer service, techniques for emergency response, and adherence to security protocols. Keep this thing in mind that the specific training may be different based on the security firm or client’s needs.

    Do front desk security guards carry weapons?

    Front desk security solutions provide clients with both armed and unarmed security guards. But in many cases, these security guards do not carry any weapons. However, if there is any security issue then armed security guards are also present at the premises.

    How do reception and lobby security guards handle emergencies?

    These types of security guards are specially trained to handle emergencies, thus responding to them quickly. Then, they follow established emergency procedures and coordinate with the emergency services. They also help in the evacuation of the people if necessary.