Factory Security

Protecting Your Factory and Industrial Site
with Licensed Security Guards

Being an independent and leading security company Los Angeles ca we offers personable, bespoke, and effective security services!

From protecting your expensive machinery and chemicals to tools and factory premises, we safeguard your site and worker while reducing the chances of criminal activity. Our fully vetted, licensed, and registered security guards keep watch on everything and provide tailor-made plans depending on your security needs. Whether an unwanted situation breaks out among coworkers or you need emergency planning to avoid loss, our experienced factory security officers provide instant safety.

24 hour security guards

Static Industrial Security

Being one of the leading armed security guard companies in the USA, we offer a complete range of security services making your workers and clients feel safe. Whether you own a factory with a high volume of workers or visitors passing through the doors daily, we provide effective guarding services for your property and assets. Our officers have specialist skills including mobile patrolling, delivery handling, gatehouse security, and many more.

Concierge Services

With uniformed guards, Eagle Eye Protection Inc. offers front-of-house security, reception, and concierge services. We ensure to provide a welcoming environment for guests and staff with qualified and trained professionals. Not to mention, our concierge guards perform numerous duties while providing best-in-class services with a flexible can-do attitude. We handpick suitable guards with a dedication to all aspects of security and exceptional communication skills.

Service FAQ's


Since industrial sites are located at vast and remote sites. It particularly makes them attractive and vulnerable to criminals. These are not the only reasons behind any criminal activity, expensive plants, tools, and equipment also make the site attractive for intruders. However, due to all these threats, factory owners face numerous security challenges. So, if you are looking for the best-armed security guard companies in the USA. Eagle Eye Protection Inc., is at your service. Being the best service providers in town, we provide reliable solutions to meet all the security challenges. Not just this, our highly trained guards and security officers go beyond a fixed location while protecting every inch of your factory. All our custodial staff is trained to cover extensive areas maintaining total security. On top of this, our security guards monitor various locations while performing foot patrols.


There are uncountable benefits of hiring security guards for industrial sites. Since security officers are highly trained, they successfully provide security services to factories, warehouses, and industrial sites. Not just this, the guards patrol sites 24/7 keeping your premises safe from criminals and intruders. On top of this, they keep an eye on workers while ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. The best security company Los Angeles ca supply licensed guards, hence it is easier to find cost-effective and reliable service providers. Above all security companies provide CCTV monitoring, set alarms, and respond to emergencies promptly. Moreover, guards place warning boards to hot spots on your industrial site creating an additional visual deterrent for criminals to enter. In addition, security officers assess your factory to determine the route to security with rigorous access control systems to make sure all delivery drivers, visors, managers, and laborers provide ID upon arrival.


Of course, all the security guards are safety and health trained as it is the basics for any security company. If we talk about Eagle Eye Protection Inc., each guard working here is trained in first aid, health, and safety procedures. Not only this, our officers respond to emergencies swiftly without giving it a thought. Usually, workers at a factory injure themselves accidentally and in such a situation our team of security officers provides them with first aid. On top of this, if our officers find someone in trouble they make sure to provide them the help they need. Having a team of experienced guards, we help factory owners to focus on their daily tasks without being worried about security measures. Not just this, if any accident occurs they deal with the situation efficiently.


All guards working at Eagle Eye Protection Inc., are verified, licensed, and registered. Not just this, we assess our security officers on multiple levels including English language tests and personality profiles. On top of this, we only hire guards having relevant experience in the security industry with enough knowledge and training. We continuously monitor their personality to ensure you get high-quality service all the time. Whether you are looking for industrial security officers for an hour or need custodial staff for an entire year – we have got you covered. Our every officer is backed by a 24/7 control room and mobile security teams who can provide rapid response to any threats.