Providing exclusive Maritime Security Services to
protect the crew working on ships, docks, and ports.

We are one of the best Maritime security companies in Los Angeles to give full-time security on docks, ports, and ships. On the other side, we also provide security to work on board private yachts.

We all know very well that ships, docks, and ports are the areas with a high risk of piracy. This is the main reason we provide you with highly trained security guards to secure the people working there. On the other side, Maritime security guards from Eagle Eye Pro give overall security on a ship. They also observe all the weaknesses on the ship and then ensure that they will be corrected. These security guards are fully trained to act actively in a potentially hazardous situation.

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Experienced custom maritime security solutions

We all know that every client has a different custom approach to security. This is the main reason our Maritime security guards provide custom security to ports and private ships. We are trained enough to make a plan that works and accounts for all the factors. We also specialize in planning security as well as ensuring you have a comprehensive protection plan for day-to-day working. We are one of the best Maritime security companies with large-scale concerns.

Full range of services

Eagle Eye Pro is the best Maritime security guards company in Los Angeles giving a wide variety of services. These services are screening compliance with Federal and international regulations and access control. It also includes incident response and reporting. So our security guards deliver a full range of services according to the needs of the clients. We always give value to our clients to provide them with full safety and privacy. Our Maritime security guards always take care of the manufacturing of Advanced alarm systems and detection systems on board a ship.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Our Maritime security guards do proper training, such as training in handling medical emergencies at the sea. It also includes first aid and CPR, as well as self-defense techniques.

  • Computer skills and communication skills
    Our Maritime security company has highly trained security guards with clear and concise communication in English. They are also proficient in using shipboard security systems and reporting software.
  • Teamwork and collaboration
    Our Maritime security guards have the ability to give full security protocols with ethical standards and normally work with collaboration and teamwork with screw members and other security personnel.
  • Ability to assess situations quickly
    Our maritime security guards are very quick and have a great ability to assess situations quickly and respond to them without taking pressure.
  • Advanced security techniques
    We are one of the best Maritime security guard companies with advanced security techniques. Our security guards are experts in different areas, such as cyber security, anti-piracy measures, and close protection.

We have


We all know that billions of things are transported by sea every year. These goods come up with great economic value. They are also attractive to pirates, so you have to maintain Security at that place. 

This is the main reason we are providing high class Maritime security guards professionals to protect your ship or deck from theft or vandalism. You will be surprised to know that modern pirates have ships and automatic firearms. So there is a risk of stealing the valuable things from the ship. But thanks to Maritime security guards who are very active and experienced how to protect the people and the assets from these pirates.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Maritime Security Guard Services

    However, on the other side, we can also customize the level of safety present according to the needs of the particular Maritime operation. Eagle Eye Pro is a dedicated company having licensed and insured security guards ready to handle any potential issue.
    If you are a crew member in the ship or a captain, you should know very well how important your well being is. We provide a high-class Maritime security guard professional for your security. Our security guards are experienced and highly trained to understand any signs of suspicious behavior or activity.
    Hiring the professional Maritime security team from Eagle Eye Pro is just a piece of mind for both the staff and the crew members. With Maritime security guards, you will definitely feel confident having a positive environment as well as stress-free.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Piracy deterrence

    Our onboard Maritime security guards are all the time present, acting as a strong deterrent to any criminal activity or piracy. We have adapted different security measures contributing to a safer Maritime environment.

    Crew and cargo protection

    We are one of the best Maritime security guard companies fully responsible for the protection of the crew, cargo, and vessels. So we ensure the safety of valuable things being transported through the sea.

    Emergency response capability

    Through our well-trained Maritime security guards, we can enhance our emergency response capabilities. Our security guards are expert enough to handle any medical emergency, crisis situation, or security incident.

    Enhanced reputation

    Eagle Eye Pro offers high-class Maritime security, which enhances the reputation of the shipping companies. Therefore, the partners, clients, and stakeholders are likely to have greater confidence in organizations that prioritize the safety of the operations and their assets.

    Reduced risks and losses

    Our Maritime security guard company plays a very important role in reducing the risks of hijacking, theft, and other security incidents. Therefore, it reduces the potential financial losses for different shipping companies.

    Adaptability to risk levels

    There are different types of risk depending on the routes. This is the main reason shipping companies adapt their security measures by adjusting the number of security personnel. 

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is a potential Maritime security company providing high-quality security guards. So we are providing high-class security guards for small events to security for Major corporations and businesses. We have been in the maritime security industry for years. So we have plenty of experience to handle any kind of security issue. Normally, we offer armed as well as unarmed security guards that are available 24/7.

    Protecting the crew, vessels, and valuables; certified Maritime security guards.

    Fortifying the high seas: The strategic benefits of a maritime security company.

    Service FAQ's

    What is the role of maritime security guards?

    These types of guards normally work by ensuring the security and safety of the cargo, cruise, and vessels. They are highly alert to prevent security incidents and deter piracy. They also know very well how to respond to emergencies immediately and effectively.

    Why do we need maritime security guards?

    Normally, we need these security guards for protection against theft and piracy, as well as other security threats in the maritime domain. Therefore, our security guards will safeguard the people, vessels, as well as valuable cargo.

    What training do Maritime security guards undergo?

    These security guards normally do specialized training in particular areas, such as emergency response, how to use security equipment, as well as compliance with international Maritime regulations.

    Do all vessels need Maritime security guards?

    Actually, the need for these security guards is dependent on different factors, such as the security risks, the route of the vessel, and compliance with international regulations such as the ISPS code.