We provide incredible and highly trained armed security guards

The armed security guards of our company are best for different businesses that need security. They are fully trained to secure the valuable assets.

Our armed officers also check other things to protect the business. So if you are the one who wants to protect your business, armed security guard companies are one of them. So you can contact us today to protect your business with armed security. Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of armed security guard companies using high-quality weapons.

Many people think of shooting or any other unexpected activity by the armed security guard but they normally use it in critical situations.

Armed Security Guards Los Angeles

We are one of the best-armed security guard companies who always maintain a professional appearance. Our armed security guards whether male or female do their duties in full and proper uniform. So both the female and male security guards are respectable as they do their duties outdoors. Our hired armed security guards are highly professional and trained to go for regular patrols. It may be the mobile patrols or the foot patrols. You can also see our company by considering the armed security officer near me.

Fully active armed guard security

Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the top security companies Los Angeles with fully active officers. It does not matter whether it is a night party or a school function, they are available 24/7. The team’s officers are fully active in handling any kind of suspicious activity. As they are armed security guards, they have permission to fire on the criminals if there is any criminal incident. However, our team of armed security is trained enough to take special care of the assets of the people.

Why Choose Us?

Unmatched Crime Protection

Our hired armed security guards are fully trained to stop any criminal activity. They do this by using the weapons in highly critical conditions without taking care of house life.

  • Highly professional armed security guards
    The team of armed security guards is highly professional and active. They work under strict legal guidance by making sure that they will use weapons only in case of an emergency.
  • Protection from high-value assets
    Our hiring armed security guards are expert enough to protect important assets such as sensitive materials, jewelry, and cash.
  • Handling any kind of situation
    The armed security guards can handle any kind of critical situation. Although there are high-risk areas where the security guard is given the duty, he is yet fully trained to handle the critical situation safely.
  • Personal protection
    The security guards are also available to give personal protection. So they give secure escorts for VIPs to protect the person and their valuables.

What are

the skills

Eagle Eye Pro is an outstanding security guard company with security guards who have special skills and qualifications regarding security.

They can adapt themselves according to the situation and the needs of the clients. At the same time, our armed security guards know very well about the legal regulations. They go through extensive training to handle any kind of situation. On the other side, they also have tactical skills and know how to handle firearms. Through the training, our armed security guards have proficiency in safe and accurate weapon use. At the same time, we are the best security guard company with guards who are physically fit and have great stamina.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Armed security guard service

    Not only the particular training, but our security guard also can resolve conflicts or issues if they happen. Our security guards are fully equipped to handle any kind of tense situation minimizing the risk of escalation. The security guards from our company are very active and have great decision-making powers to respond to the situation quickly.
    The security guards have regular training where they also go through extensive fitness assessments. So Eagle Eye Pro is the top armed security company in Los Angeles not only giving fitness assessments but also in-depth training for modern security measures. With the help of the training, our armed security guards can use different weapons expertly and efficiently.
    We are one of the best Los Angeles security guard companies protecting the environment with full confidence. Our armed security officers are fully committed to their jobs. This is the main reason we are the top security company in Los Angeles helping the people to protect their assets and property. Our armed security guards are fully trained not only to protect the assets but also the people.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Benefits of Armed Security Guards Service in Los Angeles

    Handling the emergencies

    We all know very well that the armed security guard is fully trained and has professional capabilities to handle any kind of emergency. So we can say that he is well prepared for emergencies such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, and security breaches.

    Access control

    Another great benefit of armed security guards is that they can easily manage the access points of your property. Therefore, you are fully safe and he will only permit the regular individuals to enter.

    The first line of defense

    The armed security guards serve as the first line of defense where they know very well how to protect the area from any kind of robbery. They can easily keep the individuals safe and sound all the time.

    Excellent background as an armed security guard

    As a security company, we always check to know about the background of every security guard. So this is the main reason, our security guards do not have any previous criminal record.

    Quick response to crime

    Having the weapons with armed security officers, they can quickly respond to any kind of situation. The security guards are fully trained in how to focus on any situation and how to get out of that.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is one of the top security companies in Los Angeles helping people to give a high level of protection. Through their services, all your valuables remain safe and protected. In unprotected areas, there is a high level of risk living there and this is the main reason, there is robbery and violence. So for this purpose, you should hire an armed security officer. For example, if there is a big event in your home then hiring armed security guards helps prevent the criminals from entering into the home. So you should go with the best security guard services in Los Angeles.

    Safeguarding your area with armed security guards

    Protect your valuables in your home, as well as protect the outside areas of your home.

    Service FAQ's

    What is the difference between an armed security guard and an unarmed security guard?

    Normally, in a simple routine, a security guard is unarmed and he just takes care of simple security. These general security functions include reporting any incident, accident controls, or premises surveillance. However, on the other side, the armed security guard has permission to carry a gun. So the hired armed security guard adds an extra layer of protection with the ability to use lethal force when required.

    What do we mean by the armed security guard?

    The responsibility of the armed security guards is that they must have the capability to respond to escalating situations. The armed security guards are equipped with unique skills and they can also respond without weapons. But they also have weapons that they can use in intense conditions. Keep this thing in mind that the armed security guard is more likely to respond to a critical situation as compared to the unarmed security guard.

    What are the particular places in which armed security guards work?

    • Hiring armed security guards works in a variety of environments such as:
    • VIP and personal protection
    • Different kinds of big events such as concerts, sporting events, or festivals
    • Escort services for particular individuals
    • Critical security areas such as airports, power plants, and government buildings
    • High-value protection of assets such as jewelry, cash, or sensitive material

    Do VIP and personal protection give different types of armed security services?

    • Yes, the services are different according to the needs.
    • Monitoring and securing larger areas with mobile patrols and foot patrols.
    • Protection of the individuals nearby
    • Responding to the specialized alarm system
    • Observing static security at particular locations

    Are armed security guards always important?

    It depends on the situation in which we are hiring armed security guards. So you should assess each situation separately and choose the most recommended one for you. Talking about the unarmed Security guards, are mostly appointed in low-risk environments. However, on the other side, armed guard security is mostly needed in high-risk areas, adding a layer of protection to protect valuable assets.