Security beyond the perimeter of your complex

Apartment and condominium security prevents you from vandalism, loiterers, criminals, as well as domestic violence. Our security guards actively monitor your property and therefore, a great residential security solution.

Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best condominium security services taking action instantly against a threat. You will therefore experience peace of mind with protection that goes beyond your front door. We are the best apartment security guards company ensuring that your building remains safe all the time. Our experienced security guards install indoor cameras in your building’s common areas to keep an eye on any suspicious activity. Our security company for apartments will always keep the inmates safe with a remote surveillance system.

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Best apartments and condominium security guard company

Eagle Eye Pro comprises of the best apartment security team in Los Angeles serving the people for years. The good thing about our security guards is that they are present 24/7 giving you full security coverage. Our condominium security service provides you the security guards who monitor the CCTV cameras as well as respond to loud music and other complaints. We also offer additional guards for special events. They also perform other duties such as locking or unlocking the gym, pool, and Business Centre.

Professional security company for apartment

Eagle Eye Pro is the best company providing security guards for parking lots and enforcing parking rules. They also report hazards to management or maintenance to keep things up to date. Another important work in their duty is to write daily activity reports. We also provide apartment door security installing security guards at the entrance and perimeter of your property. So it will be an excellent return on your investment because nothing is more important than security. We also assure the safety of your properties and tenants by hiring highly skilled security guards.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Our apartment security guard service provides you the security guards who understand and operate different security systems. These systems are access control systems, surveillance cameras, and alarms.

  • Risk assessment
    We are the best security guard company in Los Angeles specializing in evaluating potential security risks particular to the property. Our guards know very well how to develop strategies to reduce those risks.
  • Communication skills
    Eagle Eye Pro is the best condominium security guard service where our security guards are experts in clear communication with the staff and residents. So, our security guards are skilful in maintaining a secure environment.
  • Crisis management
    Our apartment security guards are well-prepared to handle emergencies and crises efficiently. We know very well how to coordinate with emergency services and implement emergency response plans.
  • Highly adaptable
    Through our apartment security guard service, we know that specific threats might arise. Our security guards are therefore adaptable to new technologies and strategies to prevent the residents.

We have


Apartment and condominium security from Eagle Eye Pro gives you a great feeling of safety. The best thing about our security guards is that they prevent offenders from approaching the property. 

Along with this, we also have high-tech CCTV camera systems to enhance our security measures. We are the best security guard service having trained security guards. Therefore it gives more confidence to the residents. Our security guards closely monitor the entrance and exit of the people like who is arriving and departing from the apartments. Monitoring the residents will be very helpful in noticing any suspicious activity and reacting to it immediately. So if there is any kind of emergency, our trained apartment security team reacts accordingly.

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    Our Expertise in

    Apartments And Condominium Security Guard Services

    So our main purpose is to protect the apartments and condominiums from vandalism, criminals, trespassers, burglars, and thefts. We offer both armed and unarmed security guards for apartment and condominium security. Our security guards also take care of the domestic violence in the apartments and respond to such situations immediately.
    . The main reason for hiring an apartment security guard is to ensure the general safety and security of the building as well as the residents. They always keep an eye on the guests who are pre-informed about their entry. This thing is very helpful in preventing the offenders and unknown people from entering the premises.
    There is always a need for security guards in apartment complexes or condominiums. The reason is that they are the main targets for criminal activities. These multi-family buildings are very comfortable for the residents but at the same time, the residents need full safety and security. So Eagle Eye Pro is the best condominium security service in Los Angeles protecting people from potential threats and criminal activities.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Crisis management

    Eagle Eye Pro provides you with the best apartment security team taking incredible security measures for effective crisis management. Our security guards coordinate well to protect the residents from natural disasters or security breaches.

    Modern amenities

    We are the best security company for apartments incorporating technology-driven security solutions such as surveillance apps, smart locks, and CCTV cameras. So we provide residents with modern and convenient amenities.

    Enhanced safety

    With our robust security measures, our security guards will contribute to a safe living environment. They are well trained reducing the risk of vandalism, criminal activities, and risk of theft within the premises.

    Community well being

    Eagle Eye Pro provides you with the best apartment security guard services giving you a secure environment. This thing helps in community well-being encouraging the residents to actively participate in different activities.

    Protection of personal property

    Through our condominium Security Services, our residents will always feel secure about their belongings. The reason is that our security guards take preventive measures against potential theft or unauthorized access.

    Increased property value

    We are the best security company for apartments with effective security measures. It attracts potential buyers or renters, therefore, increasing the property value and marketability.

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    Through our condominium security services in Los Angeles, we have highly trained security guards for the apartments. We also provide apartment door security to check the entry and exit of the residents and the guests. It also prevents unknown people or thieves from entering the apartment areas. Along with preventing security, our security guards are very friendly and courteous maintaining a healthy environment on the premises.

    Innovative security measures for apartment and condominium security

    A deep dive into advanced security protocols for apartment and condominium.

    Service FAQ's

    What are the common security measures for apartments and condominiums?

    Common security measures for apartments and condominiums are the lightning system, surveillance cameras, access control systems, etc. Security guards also give proper training to the residents about not sharing the keys or access codes. Apartment and condominium security report any suspicious activity and keep an eye on who enters the premises.

    Are security cameras effective in preventing crime in condominiums and apartments?

    Yes, security cameras are very effective in preventing crime. They act as a deterrent and help in identifying unknown people or criminals. Therefore, they are valuable evidence in case of incidents. The security guards also do access control. They restrict the entry of authorized individuals through different measures such as biometric systems, key cards, or key fobs.

    How often should building management update security systems?

    Regular updates for security systems are necessary. Therefore, the management should remain connected to technology and conduct regular assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Residents should also take care of the established emergency protocols. They should also alert the building management and remain in touch with the local authorities as well.

    Are there specific safety measures for parking lots in apartments and condominium security?

    Yes, our security guards take specific security measures such as controlled access, surveillance cameras, lighting, etc. It will help in enhancing the safety of the parking facilities. The security systems also install other technologies such as mobile app integration, intercom systems, smart locks, etc.