We are securing the state of California since 2000’s

At Eagle Eye Protection Inc., we recognize risks and challenges that can potentially to affect your business’s operations. To do so, we utilize our years of experience and training while providing you with the best-suited security solutions.




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We Guard. We Protect. We Secure

Delivering a front line and backup guarding services at any time of the day is our forte!.

Eagle Eye Protection, Inc is the leading security guard services provider in the town. With a simple mission to make the world a safer place, we strive to provide dependable security solutions for offices, health care, banks, construction sites, and many more.

Trusted Solution

We are committed to provide top-notch security services with a versatile skill set to back them up – anytime, anywhere.

Bespoke Services

We guarantee a fast turnaround speed to security breaches while keeping you safe against all criminal activities.

What Sets Us Apart

We take pride in offering dynamic and agile security services.

Professional Guarding Team

Our security guards are professionally trained to meet the highest industry standards with a wide-ranging set of skills to protect and defend.

Single Integrated Solutions

Having a team of veteran custodians, we’ve the capability to comprehend the risk within your estate and provide the best-suited solutions.

Visible Presence 24/7

We offer security services at any location while helping you avoid unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft – regardless of the operational hours.

Services We Offer

Being one of the leading security guard companies in the USA, we provide static guarding services centralized around high standards and top quality.

Special Events

As one of the best Los Angeles security companies, we provide professional and well-equipped security guards, ensuring your events run smoothly.


We proudly provide security guard services for offices and banks with services providers with high standards of integrity and quality – that too at affordable rates.

Health Care

Our officers are dynamic in their approach, and with over years of industry experience, they offer the best healthcare and frontline hospital security services.


We deploy only the most top-level officers in the USA, offering a comprehensive portfolio of services while maintaining the security and safety of the entire community.


Eagle Eye Protection Inc. has the best construction site security experts providing unparalleled services – regardless of the size; our offices keep the location safe and secure.

Apartment Complex

We maintain the safety and security of your residence and property while providing reliable, highly professional, and cost-effective guarding services.

Your Questions Answered

If you have any query related to our services, please have a look at the list below. However, if you did not find answers to your problems in our list, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll try to answer each one to the best of our ability.

Do you need any specific skill set to be a guard?

Of course, security guards have fine-tuned skills to serve the purpose they are hired for. Their skillset sharpens their senses while making sure the property they are guarding is safe. With specific skills, they need awareness, communication skills, reliability, and conflict management abilities. Best Los Angeles security companies can help you find the guard you are looking for.

Our security guard services essential?

Considering the current conditions, security guarding is undoubtedly an essential service. With the help of guards, you can keep your business safe and secure while running it smoothly. For target specific companies, security guards provide protection against potential crooks. Moreover, securing the property and assets, by all means, is essential for everyone.

What are security guard companies?

Such companies provide trained guards responsible for protecting buildings, shopping malls, land, construction sites, hotels, clubs, and many more from harm or damage. However, it is achieved through physical presence and visual deterrence. Moreover, Security Guards play an essential role in ensuring day-to-day businesses stay functional.

Can security guards detain offenders physically?

Indeed, they can. But to do so, they need a good reason to prove them, offenders. Not just this, they need to be witnesses to a crime scene. Besides, if they see someone causing injury to themselves or others – they can take action. In another scenario, if they detect any unusual activity like the destruction of the building, they can stop them before the police arrive.

Are you on the lookout for a Trusted Security Company?


We believe every business is exclusive so are their security requiremnets. Keeping this aspect in mind, we deliver a full range of security services combined with traditional methods. For more information about our services, please call us at 855-324-5399.


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Why Choose Us?

Our services and business meet the industry standards!

  • Skilled and extremely professional management team.
  • Highly accredited security guards with a proven track record.
  • Dedicated to the training and development of personnel.
  • Dynamic company that puts its clients first.

Protected Customers

Testimonial #1

Just to let you know that all went well on Saturday night. Our security guards were lovely – very professional and did an excellent job. We felt safe and relaxed knowing they were there… Thanks so much – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company or use your services again.

Testimonial #2

Thank you very much for the excellent service you provided for us recently. Your staff conducted themselves in a very professional manner and all our requirements and expectations for Security on that day were well met. It was also pleasing that you were able to accommodate our last minute request for extra cover… We look forward to working with your company for future events and have no hesitation in recommending Eagle Eye Protection as a reputable and professional security provider.

Testimonial #3

I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service in our office. Prompt and efficient service at a reasonable price – many thanks indeed for your help

Testimonial #4

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for providing complete peace of mind and safety to my company. I want to reach out and say thank you on a job done exceptionally well. Consider this as my A+ rating and the highest degree of satisfaction.

Testimonial #5

Great job guys, we are very pleased, the security guard agents do a spectacular job and the security supervisors are always on top of things! Thanks for great service.

Testimonial #6

It is an absolute pleasure having your team on our site. The change we have experienced in the overall feeling has made me realize just how important good security is. I take great pride in recommending Eagle Eye Protection to anyone and would assure them that if they are looking for a competitive price with a whole truck load of extra benefits from a company that goes beyond the call of security duties then Eagle Eye Protection is the perfect match.

Testimonial #7

We would like to thank you very much for the fantastic service we receive from you guys. They exceeded my expectations as they where very professional and we look forward to giving you future business.

Testimonial #8

Thank you! This was the first time in years where we could trust the security company we hired. We’ll call you next year!

Testimonial #9

We’ve used Eagle Eye Protection for years. They are easy to work with and very professional. We definitely plan to use them for future events!

Our Value Clients

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Join our team and start your career as a Professional Security Officer. It’s our mission to always recruit the Best Security Personals to join our team!


Our vision is to constantly raise our standards while becoming the company that stands out in the security industry. Download our corporate brochure to explore more about us.