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From construction site hoarding, fire safety, CCTV, site control, and first aid, we make your construction site secure while enhancing safety measures.

we strive to provide premium security for construction sites. Our security officers have years of knowledge and experience in the construction industry which is second to none. From the initial setup of temporary construction site services including water and power supply, to secure working environment and access control system, our custodial staff make sure the entire process runs as smoothly as possible – within the budget.

security for construction sites

Site Access Control

We provide construction security in Los Angeles at affordable rates. Our professionally trained security guards overcome and identify unauthorized risks at construction sites while taking all the precautionary measures. We utilize industry best practices and methods to come up with effective solutions – mitigating the risk. Besides, we strive to provide a safe working environment for uncountable construction sites ensuring your workers and equipment are protected.

Site Setup Solution

From setting first aid stations to fire evacuation systems, our experienced staff helps you at every stage. We are committed to providing complete solutions to make sure you have everything by your side to commence work on time and within the budget. On top of this, we identify site-specific cost and efficiency issues while specifying the most effective solutions. Providing highly visible and effective deterrents to intruders is our forte.

Service FAQ's

How Does Construction Site Security Service help?

Security for construction sites helps you in many ways and your investment in hiring a security guard is worthy. However, there are numerous ways in which security guards can help including material and property protection. You can’t be present all the time to protect your stuff at the construction site – hence hiring security professionals is beneficial. Tool and equipment protection on the site is equally important as material protection. There are numerous types of equipment and tools on the construction site, some can be locked others cannot, here construction security services in Los Angeles comes in handy. Not just this, trespass prevention, emergency response service, and limited weather damage are some other services that construction site security service providers offer.

What Threats Does Construction Site Security Face?

Construction sites store a lot of expensive materials, plant equipment, and tools, especially overnight once construction staff has left for the day. However, these high-value possessions are an attraction to robs and you will often see them returning to the site to attempt further theft. However, to protect these you should hire Eagle Eye Protection Inc. These are not the only threats that construction sites have to deal with. Additional costs including delays in the construction work, damage repairing cost, buying new equipment, filling up the stolen fuels can instantly cause your cost to go up. Not just this, it makes it hard to recommence work within a short timeframe. Hence to avoid these circumstances, you must look up to security for construction sites.

How security guards Eliminate Trespassing and Unauthorized Entries?

On-site, our construction security team identifies any potential weaknesses and establishes a perimeter so that they can be immediately managed or, where possible, eliminated. Thereafter, we implement entry screenings and conduct regular perimeter patrols so that only authorized individuals have site access – especially after work hours. Additionally, we can use X-ray machines to screen packages, to make sure no dangerous devices or substances enter the site. Construction security services in Los Angeles require a rigorous entry system for anyone trying to gain site access but also within certain areas of the site where access might be restricted. The construction security team is therefore responsible for designing a solution to account for any such potential breaches in internal security.

How Do You Maximize Your Onsite Security?

Since construction sites are usually in a hostile environment, hence it is necessary to have resilient security officers. Security guards working at Eagle Eye Protection Inc., have military or law enforcement backgrounds – helping you achieve the security standards your site needs. Our professional team is assertive yet highly trained to perform well in an industrial environment or construction sites. Our teams provide a visible and clear deterrent against thieves and can carry out many protective security measures. Our security for construction sites includes a comprehensive concierge service manned guard services, reception, monitoring storage areas, managing visitor books and logs, and answering calls.