Deter Vandalism and Theft with Our
Highly Trained Warehouse Security Guard

Whether you own a single warehouse or uncountable premises spread out, Eagle Eye Protection is at your convenience!

Being the top-notch security guard company in Los Angeles, we believe running a business relying heavily on stock storing comes with numerous risks. Hence, to provide you with ultimate security and safety, we deploy fully vetted, professional, and passionate security guards from the industry. No matter what size or type of warehouse you own, our custodial staff provide tailored security solutions ensuring maximum protection of your stock, staff, and reputation. With we assist you in setting up the system that manages the permitted access while monitoring the movement of goods.

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Strict Access Control

With professional security officers, we prevent unwanted visitors from accessing the warehouses. Simply put, our custodial staff maintains strict control on all the access points. Not just this, we place manned security guards on entrances where they ensure to check the ID of every person that enters. We provide security services after normal working hours as well by deploying our night watch guards.

Static and Mobile Security

Our security guards patrol areas that require effective and consistent monitoring while making sure the stock is safely housed. Not to mention, with our warehouse security services, we provide complete peace of mind, so that you can focus on your business. Not just this, we offer static and mobile security service with risk assessment – making your warehouses safe and secure from all sides.

Service FAQ's


Eagle Eye Protection Inc., provide uncountable services, including, CCTV monitoring, alarm response, and key holding. Our team of provides 24/7 constant vigilance while monitoring and controlling cameras. Besides, we respond to all the security threats instantly with an on and off-site control room. From offering services to odd times to quickly responding to incidents, our security officers are at your service all year round. Above all, we provide mobile patrol – perfect for huge warehouses. Simply put, we protect your warehouses and inventory from damage and loss while helping you avoid criminal acts. Having years of experience in the security industry, we identify areas that necessitate ultimate protection and patrol routes.


We ensure to provide all our security guards with the training they need to be effective. On top of this, our team has years of experience with relevant knowledge that makes them the best. Other than warehouses security service, we assist businesses, private citizens, apartments, corporations, property managers, and many more to overcome security issues. Our warehouse security guard customizes security solutions if needed. Besides, we take into consideration your specific requirements and business nature. Simply put, our mission is to be counted as the warehouse security guard services in Los Angeles, and keeping this in mind, our dedicated team of security officers provides unwavering security services without compromising on quality. We take great pride in offers our clients with cost-effective services with full cover protection for their warehouses.


Since we are a full-service security company, we protect your employees by all means. We believe keeping inventory safe is important for the success of the business. But on the other hand, without employees businesses can do nothing. We are of the view that goods can be replaced, but employees can’t be replaced. Hence, ensuring your employee’s security is our utmost priority. However, if any incident takes place, our team of security guards makes sure to protect all your staff while keeping inventory safe. Not just this, with our bespoke security services, we provide your employees with complete peace of mind so that they can focus on day-to-day business activities. Moreover, employees’ security is an investment – in a secure environment, employees tend to perform their duties well. Conversely, if they’ve to take extra steps to save themselves, they will not be able to work comfortably.


At Eagle Eye Protection Inc., we believe theft from outside the company is a major concern for business owners. Similarly, any incident can take place inside the company. Hence, it is wise to be aware that employees working in the company might cause damage. But, if your company does not have sufficient monitoring in place, employees with ill intentions might get the opportunity to steal either inventory – other equipment or supplies. In addition, if your company has larger operations, it is quite impossible to keep an eye on all the employees. Here Eagle Eye Protection Inc. comes in handy. We take all the necessary measures to help you prevent employee theft.