We provide you with highly trained and
experienced VIP and personal security service.

There is always a need for personal security guard services for high-net-worth individuals. 

As a great Los Angeles VIP and personal security service, we offer both armed as well as unarmed security guards. Our guards are equipped with upgraded technology systems such as access control, alarms, barriers, CCTV cameras, and much more. Through our security guard training, our guards know very well all the procedures and the security policies. We normally work with family, visitors, staff, as well as visitors. Our private party security guards in Los Angeles also offer cybersecurity protection so that the person feels more secure. We use private networks that use hack-proof systems.

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Executive personal security guards service

We are the best personal armed security, protecting your VIP lifestyle and giving full security and protection. Our company has professional production agents who are trained to work in the background. So high-network individuals can live their lifestyle. You can hire a personal security guard according to your needs and lifestyle. Eagle Eye Pro offers the best security policies and security awareness training. It also gives the best VIP and personal security service. We give high-profile personal security guard training to our security guards so that they can become professionals. 

Highly professional personal security

Our armed security bodyguards guide you at every step and serve the purpose that you ever want. As a high-profile person, we know very well how to protect you by all means as well as maintain your privacy. So hiring a personal security guard for you is really the best decision, which works well in various scenarios. Keep in mind that our security guards are highly professional and trained to stay alert all the time. They also know very well how to give a quick response in case of any unexpected activity or crime. We provide the best VIP security to protect the person from potential threats and deter criminal activity.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best security companies in Los Angeles, protecting high-net-worth individuals as well as celebrities.

  • Physical Protection
    The first duty of a personal security guard is to provide physical protection. So the security guard should be fully alert, having a proximity escort.
  • Crowd control and access management
    Protecting the high-worth individual; our main purpose is to protect him from crowds such as entry points and exit points. It ensures that unauthorized people will not come across him.
  • Emergency response
    We provide high-end VIP and personal security service in Los Angeles, CA, with security guards who are fully responsive to defensive tactics.
  • Pre-engagement planning
    We are the best security guard company in Los Angeles, having high-end security guards with pre-engagement planning. They do route planning and Secure transportation, background checks and monitoring potential threats.

We have


Personal armed security by Eagle Eye Pro is considered the top security guard company in Los Angeles. Our company provides the uniform as well as casually dressed security guards according to the needs of the clients. 

We give high-end security solutions to people who need special personal security. The good thing about our company is that we provide 24/7 service with highly trained security guards and mobile patrols. Our security guards are available all the time to give you a security protocol for your specific situation. In this modern world, the security needs of the client are also higher. This is the main reason we provide special VIP and personal security service with all the equipment such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, surveillance, as well as cyber security.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    VIP and personal security service

    So they act as the front-line defenders, giving the world a new standard of safety. Our home security guard consists of retired law enforcement officers and former military officers. These people come with a related background; therefore, they deserve to be part of the VIP person security. 
    So whenever we talk about securing single individuals, the duty of the security guard is crucial and tough. But thanks to our highly professional security guards who did not take care of themselves but strived a lot to keep their clients safe and sound all the time. 
    Our Los Angeles VIP and personal security service ensures a high level of protection for the individual. Eagle Eye Pro is a reputable security guard company playing the best role in this category. So the company stands out from the rest, providing the expert trained professional to save the individuals as well as the assets. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Enhanced safety and security

    The main thing that makes these security guards unique from the other security guards is that they give physical Protection. The security guard protects him from different threats like kidnapping, assault, terrorism, and much more.

    24/7 protection

    According to the needs of the clients, our personal home security guard gives full-time protection to the person, ensuring immediate response to any emergency.

    Controlling access

    As they are high-tech individuals, they are more prone to get in contact with the road. Therefore, the VIP and personal security service give the guards who control the access. They prevent the unwanted crowd from coming towards his proximity. 

    Increased privacy and discretion

    Our personal security guard service gives increased privacy to the particular person. The security guard also uses CCTV cameras and alarm systems to give full security. 

    Improved peace of mind and focus

    VIP and personal security services in Los Angeles give the person an improved peace of mind and focus. So the VIP person could focus on his important chores. 

    Assistance with daily tasks

    Our security guard company provides the security guard who helps the customers with his work. Our security guards can also work with the security teams while going to any event or travel destination.

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    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the best security companies in Los Angeles, giving an added layer of protection. Therefore, our service is just a piece of mind ensuring that you are fully protected at your home, workplace, or any other destination you are traveling. Through this personal security, your loved ones will remain safe and secure. We provide armed personal security guards who can give you safety and prepare your security plan. He also follows you wherever you go by keeping in mind your personal space. So we are the best VIP and personal security service in Los Angeles, understanding your private protection needs.

    Providing the best Personal Security

    Protecting the high profile individual with dedication and professionalism.

    Service FAQ's

    Which person needs VIP and personal security guard services?

    Personal security guard services are typically given to high-profile individuals such as politicians, business executives, athletes, celebrities, and any person facing potential threats. VIP and personal security services are also given to those individuals who need enhanced security for specific events. Many individuals also need VIP security while traveling.

    What type of services are offered by VIP and personal security guards?

    There are different types of services offered according to the needs of the clients as well as the budget. The services are:

    • Static protection
    • Risk management
    • Threat assessment
    • Mobile protection
    • Close protection 
    • Intelligence gathering and surveillance
    • Driver services
    • Security services at events and travel destinations First aid and emergency medical services
    • Maintaining the client’s privacy

    What is the cost of VIP and personal security guard services?

    The cost of these services actually depends on different factors, such as the number of Guards needed and the level of protection. It also depends on the client’s location and the duration of the service. But actually, it is a high-end service; therefore, its cost ranges from $500 to $2000 per day per guard.

    Which thing should we keep in mind while choosing a personal security guard?

    We should look for different factors before selecting the VIP personal security guard. The factors are:

    • Qualifications of the security guard
    • Check whether he has a license or not
    • His reputation when you ask for any reference
    • The repetition of the company
    • Insurance of the company
    • Clear communication
    • Professionalism and discretion

    Experience of the security guard

    What services does a retail security guard provide?

    They provide 24/7 security services by checking customers’ entry and exit points and consulting with management on safety measures. They are also in charge of crowd management, front office duties, parking lot security, assisting and escorting customers, and operating CCTV and video surveillance, all of which are provided by security guard retail in Los Angeles.