We are equipped with a water-based
fire protection system for fire watch security.

If you are looking for a potential firewatch company in Los Angeles, then Eagle Eye Pro is the best one. We give the buildings a fire alarm system and a water-based fire protection system, such as a sprinkler system.

We are one of the Top-notch fire watch companies in Los Angeles, providing 24-hour fire watch guards. Therefore, this is the best service for people who are looking to avoid fines and businesses shut down by the fire marshall. Not only the special places; we also provide our services to campuses, hotels, nightclubs, schools, businesses, movie sets, etc. On the other side, we also provide fire protection on the construction sites.  As it is a critical job, this is the main reason, our company is providing highly professional fire watch guards in Los Angeles.

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Experienced fire watch company near me in Los Angeles

Our company is equipped with highly trained and experienced security guards specialized in firewatch services. Our security guards are trained enough to patrol all the vulnerable areas, and we also watch different early signs of fire or hazardous material emergencies. In case of any mishap, our fire security guards will come with two-way radios and cell phones. They also keep a perfect fire watch log for your records. So, we will use the particular fire extinguishers in the event of a fire. However, on the other side, we also help with the evacuation procedures. So we have a professional team of security guards who provide these services. 

Incredible fire watch Guard services in Los Angeles.

The best thing about our security system is that we provide the services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is the main reason we stand out among other fire watch companies due to our comprehensive security plan. Our security guards are experienced in monitoring the key areas of the building. So we ensure that there is no room for fire. We provide reputed fire watch services that have the ability to handle any kind of fire emergency. To make our security guards trained, we provide them full training on how to become specialized in mastering firewatch security services.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

We are equipped with the best fire watch Guards in Los Angeles with situational awareness. We have all the skills to recognize the potential threats and take preventive action.

  • Emergency response
    In case of any kind of emergency, our security guards respond to the situation immediately. Also, our security guards help people quickly if someone is hurt or in distress.
  • Conflict resolution
    We have the incredible fire watch guard services in Los Angeles having the security guards to effectively handle the tense situation. We effectively prevent violence and escalate conflicts while maintaining a safe environment.
  • Good communication skills
    Our security guards are expert enough to communicate effectively and coordinate with fellow security personnel. To effectively increase communication skills, we give comprehensive communication training.
  • Physically fit
    Our watch security guards are physically fit in all aspects, and they undergo all the fitness training tests. This thing is necessary to perform the physical demands of the job.

We have


Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best fire watch security companies in Los Angeles providing you 24/7 Security services. 

Our security guards are powerful enough to protect you and your colleagues from disasters. Hiring a firewatch security guard will definitely give you peace of mind. We not only provide schools and hospitals, but we also provide services for your retail space or commercial space. We also provide services at the construction sites to prevent you from unexpected failure of a required fire safety system. There might be a failure of the fire safety system, such as sprinklers, pumps, or alarms. For this purpose, our security guards are expert enough to take you out of this critical situation.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Fire watches and Security Guard Services.

    So if you want a reputable and highly effective fire watch Guards service in Los Angeles, then you can contact us anytime. We have fully trained and skilled security officers at affordable prices. We will also assist you with every step of the process to make sure that you use the fire watch security system that you always need.
    The best thing about our company is that our security guards are fully equipped with all the important tools to take you out of an emergency. We have the best fire watch security guards in Los Angeles who are properly trained to identify the hazards, and we also work with the local 911 authorities. 
    In case of any kind of fire or emergency, we have quick watch patrols in Los Angeles who stand by waiting for your call. We always guarantee you that your guards will come to your site on time and ready for their duty.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Protecting from fire outbreak

    We are providing you with top-notch fire watch security services in Los Angeles, protecting your business from a fire outbreak. Therefore, we secure your business premises from fire hazards.

    Maintaining the fire equipment

    We are providing you with the best fire watch security services in Los Angeles, maintaining your fire equipment to protect the business from any accidental fire accident.

    Providing safe environment

    Our security guards at Firewatch always promise their customers to give them a safe and secure environment. The people on the site will definitely feel secure knowing that someone is there for their safety.

    Identifying the fire hazards

    We come in the category of the best fire watch companies in Los Angeles to identify fire hazards at your business locations or offices. We can easily check the overheating of the equipment, aging wiring, as well as trash bins full of combustible material.

    First aid expertise

    Our security guards have full training to give first aid to the people in case of any kind of accident. They also gave quick responses to different medical emergencies, such as fainting.

    Prevention of Fire outbreaks

    Firewatch security in Los Angeles is fully responsible for preventing fire outbreaks. This is the main reason our security guards check different things, such as open flames, flammable materials, overloaded electrical sockets, etc.

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    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the best fire watch security companies in Los Angeles with highly trained professionals. They play a very important role in reducing fire risks and conducting fire watch services. We usually hire professional and highly experienced fire watch Guards in our company. Therefore, they have the experience to solve the fire alarm system failure or fire sprinklers malfunctioning. Therefore, they can identify the potential risks and protect both the property and the employees. So we are a promising company to patrol and monitor your premises and prevent accidents.

    Nationwide fire watch security services in Los Angeles to prevent fire hazards.

    We promise to protect the people, equipment, as well as construction sites from the fire.

    Service FAQ's

    What do we mean by firewatch in security?

    It means that we assign a person or people to a particular area to protect the premises and the people from any kind of fire hazard. The fire watch Guards in Los Angeles prevent the fire from occurring or prevent any emergency situations. They also protect the public from the Fire or life safety dangers.

    What does a security guard do if he observes a fire?

    If a security guard observes a fire before the alarm goes off, he should activate it himself because sometimes, there is a high chance of the alarm functioning. Then, in the next step, he should make multiple phone calls, first to the fire department and then to all the authorities.

    What does a fire watch security guard do?

    In the city, different fire watch security services are available that do multiple tasks. The security guard does continuous monitoring of the designated areas to check for fire hazards such as smoke, electrical male functioning, or spark. Different security guards also regularly patrol the area. When the security guard detects a fire, he first activates the alarm systems and alerts the emergency services to initiate evacuation procedures if necessary. Security guards are also trained and equipped to use portable fire extinguishers to eradicate small fires until firefighters arrive.

    What are the situations that need fire watch security guards?

    On the construction sites, there is a danger of fire. Therefore, when the fire protection systems are temporarily down during construction or innovations, we need fire watch security guards.

    During welding, cutting, or other activities that make sparks or open flames.

    On the historical buildings, there is a danger of catching fire. The reason is that historical buildings and modern fire protection systems might not be compatible with the structure.

    In large venues or gatherings where standard fire safety measures are not enough.