We provide highly expert and trained School Security Guards Services

With the help of our security guard services, the inmates of the schools will feel safe and secure. Our school security guards Los Angeles have great skills and personalities to adapt to the school’s culture.

Eagle Eye Pro provides the best School security guards in Los Angeles, knowing all the requirements and duties. Our security guards are experts in school security. They also know very well how to adapt themselves according to the school’s environment, such as giving directions to the visitor or helping a professor with an office lock-out. They also perform other duties regarding School security such as doing School patrolling or identification of a building or a campus.

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Highly Trained Security Guards

Our school security guard services provide security officers who are very helpful, professional, and enthusiastic. Therefore, our security guards are highly trained to work in different areas and know very well how to secure the students as well as the whole staff. Eagle Eye Pro offers both armed and unarmed security guards, who can be appointed according to the situation. Our company also provides unique training courses to our security guards in Los Angeles, making the company a reputable one.

Professional School security guard

Eagle Eye Pro is the number one security guard company providing the best school security guards in Los Angeles. All security guards are fully professional and active throughout the day. Not only are they present in the normal routine days protecting the students and the Teachers, but they are also available at particular functions or parties. According to the school environment, they know very well how to treat the students and the teachers. This is the main reason they are very friendly to the students so that they feel comfortable and fresh.


Why Choose Us?

Security guard for any institution

We are providing a professional and fully equipped security guard school to fulfill all your school needs. We are also offering security guards for any kind of Institution, such as high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, or universities.

  • 24 Hours School security guard
    If you are looking for the best 24 Hours security guard, then Eagle Eye Pro is the best one. For this purpose, we provide security guards who are available 24/7 for the school.
  • Emergency School security guard
    Not only providing 24 24-hour school security, we also provide emergency security guards. This is the main reason our company is also specialized in providing schools with professional emergency security services at a flexible rate.
  • Preventing a wide range of security threats
    We are providing highly qualified security guards who can protect against a wide range of security threats such as theft, vandalism, violence, or intrusions.
  • Mitigating threats and emergency responding
    Eagle Eye Pro is the best security guard service helping in mitigating threats and emergency responding. By getting trained security guards, your school can significantly reduce these threats.

What are

the skills?

Our school security guards in Los Angeles are equipped with all the necessary skills that should be present in a security guard.

The school security guards play a very important role in protecting the staff and students as well as maintaining the learning environment. Although they are the security guards, they know very well how to cope up with the school environment. Therefore, we are providing superb security guard services for the well being of the students. They also help in making a secure and nurturing atmosphere so that the students will not feel any kind of fear.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    School security guard service

    We also provide High School security guards where they are fully trained on how to build positive relationships with the students as well as the teachers. Therefore, they play a very important role in fostering positive interactions with the staff and the students, protecting them at the same time. So, they become successful in creating a supportive and welcoming environment.
    If you are looking for a security guard near me, then Eagle Eye Pro is the best one. Our security guards are fully trained in how to respond to critical and emergencies. This is the main reason our guards know very well how to tackle any medical emergency, fire, or critical situation. They are also very good at quick decision-making and full responses.
    Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the best School security guard companies in Los Angeles, giving the best security to the schools. Their main purpose is to monitor the whole school and also the hidden areas. Therefore, they play a very important role in preventing potential threats or any emergency.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

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    Security Solutions

    Peace of mind for staff and students

    Our security guards are fully dedicated to creating an environment that is peace of mind for staff as well as the students. With the help of professional security guards, the students will be focused on their learning.

    Reduced distractions and disruptions

    With the help of school security guards in Los Angeles, there will be reduced distractions and disruptions. Therefore, if some students fight with each other, then the security guards will be there to resolve the issue.

    Enhanced collaboration and communication

    We are providing the best school Security services where security guards work very efficiently with the parents, teachers, and school administration. Therefore, they can easily implement the security plans, promoting better communication and collaboration.

    Positive School Climate

    When our security guards take care of the security of all the schools, it will be helpful in creating a positive school climate and community building. Therefore, security guards foster positive relationships and make a more welcoming school environment.

    Emergency response

    Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the best school security guards companies Los Angeles. They are properly trained to handle medical emergencies, fires, or any other critical situations.

    Conflict resolution

    Our security guards play a very important role in conflict resolution, and they normally do it using the de-escalation technique.

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    Our school security guards Los Angeles always go the extra mile whenever there is a question of protecting the kids of the school. Therefore, after full security, they normally offer a safe environment that is conducted to learn and make future leaders. Our dedicated team is striving a lot to ensure giving the students and the faculty have a safe and secure environment. Our company not only offers the occasional security guards but also the security guards on a regular basis who work 24 hours a day.


    Safeguarding your school with school security guards

    Protect the students, teachers, whole staff, as well as the outside areas of your school.

    Service FAQ's

    What can school security guards do in the school?

    The main purpose of security guards is to keep the students, teachers, and other staff safe. Normally, they do repeated patrolling in the whole School, controlling the security. So they have the authority to protect the whole School including the valuable assets. Now, it’s your choice whether you want an armed School security officer or an unarmed school security officer.


    Which method is good for the security of the school?

    In the school, small kids are present, so it is best to make a reliable communication system, giving them limited access through different preventive measures. The security guards must be fully prepared for any kind of mishaps or emergencies in the school. In the modern world, the security guard can get help from technology using CCTV cameras and adequate lighting. All these preventive measures will help strengthen the overall safety of the campus.

    Do your guards get special school security training in Los Angeles?

    Yes, our guards in Eagle Eye Pro receive special training regarding School security.

    The training includes:

    • Collaboration with school teachers, staff as well as the students
    • Giving welcoming behaviour to the students and the Teachers
    • Preparing the security guards for any medical mishap
    • Resolving any tense situation or fight between the students