We provide highly qualified and trained
bodyguard security services in Los Angeles.

The job of the personal bodyguard is critical, so they need to be highly qualified. But thanks to the Eagle Eye Pro, who have highly qualified and intelligent security guards to protect their clients. 

So our company comes in the category of the best private bodyguard companies in Los Angeles with highly trained agents for high-profile clients as well as celebrities. Our guards stand out among the rest of the guards due to having multiple protection tactics. Our bodyguards have outstanding skills to quickly and effectively respond to the critical situation. They receive rigorous training to remove you from danger and protect you from threats.

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Uniformed Security and plain clothes protection

The high profile people, such as the political personality as well as the celebrity, need high class protection. It can only be given by an experienced bodyguard. Our company is one of the best private bodyguard companies giving both the uniformed as well as plain clothes protection. This thing will be decided according to the needs of the client. Our top goal is to give the person full security and protection from the vulnerabilities. 

Bodyguard services in Los Angeles for your Wellbeing

We are providing the best bodyguard services in Los Angeles with the full protection and security that you always want. We always take security seriously, especially when there is a question of personal security and safety. This is the main reason our security officers are very professional and intelligent enough to deter any kind of crime. We give protection to the people against crimes as well as harassment. If you need any medical assistance, our bodyguards are trained and experienced in giving the first aid. 

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best bodyguard companies equipped with core security skills. Our security bodyguards can scan the surroundings just like the CCTV cameras and identify potential threats.

  • Communication Skills
    Our bodyguard services in Los Angeles provide you with experienced guards equipped with communication and interpersonal skills. So they can easily calm the tense situation and build trust with clients.
  • Defensive Tactics and Restraint Techniques
    Eagle Eye Pro is the best bodyguard security company, with the bodyguards having defensive tactics and restraint techniques. They know very well how to physically defend themselves and their clients.
  • Emergency Response
    Through our bodyguard service, our security guards know very well how to respond quickly to medical emergencies and physical altercations. They know how to stay calm and act decisively in these situations.
  • Adaptable and Flexible Bodyguards
    We provide our clients with the best bodyguard security company with bodyguards who are adaptable and flexible to respond wisely in unexpected situations. They can easily adjust themselves to changing environments and handle the pressure with a calm and flexible mind.

We have


Eagle Eye Pro is striving a lot to provide top-notch bodyguard security services in Los Angeles with skilled bodyguards. Our bodyguards are very active, with diverse skills mixing with sharp instincts, observation, and physical powers. 

So we are one of the best celebrity security companies with highly qualified bodyguards. They are very cunning to have a watchful eye everywhere around the person. Our personal bodyguards have a license which depicts that they are professional and highly trained. Feel free to contact us today to get more information about the best bodyguard services in Los Angeles

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    bodyguard security service

    Mostly, our security guards are not recognized by the big crowds because sometimes, it is the demand of the particular person. So we are giving you the high-class private bodyguard service in Los Angeles, safeguarding the high profile people from those individuals who stalk them or want to harass them. 
    For these people, we give experienced personal security guards to protect them at any cost. So our bodyguard security service comprises very potential bodyguards who can stand up for them the way they want. Celebrities also have different groups of companions who need regular protection services when required.
    Our personal security guard services in Los Angeles provide you the high-class security. As we all know very well, in Los Angeles, California, there are lots of our precious celebrities, actors, singers, anchors, and TV personalities live. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Enhanced safety and security

    We are one of the best bodyguard security companies in Los Angeles, having the bodyguards acting as a deterrent against threats. They are highly powerful to neutralize and intervene in dangerous situations effectively.

    Reduced Stress and Anxiety

    When you know that you have bodyguards with you, then there will definitely be reduced stress and anxiety, especially in high-pressure environments.

    Improved professional image

    Our personal bodyguard services provide you the bodyguards which therefore improves your professional image. Therefore, it also builds trust among the partner and the clients.

    Discreet assistance

    We also provide you the different personal bodyguard services in Los Angeles, where our guards help you by offering additional services. These services are giving tailored support, personal assistants, medical personnel, or even drivers. 

    Increasing your focus

    When you have minimized safety concerns, then you can definitely easily focus your attention and get energy on your work. 

    Risk Mitigation

    Through threat analysis and risk assessments, you can easily identify the potential dangers as a security guard. You can then easily implement proactive measures to minimize your exposure to risks. 

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    At Eagle Eye Pro, we are a top-notch bodyguard security service highly committed to protecting you at any cost. Along with protecting your valuables and assets, we also promise to safeguard your commercial properties as well. We are one of the best private bodyguard companies, collaborating closely with the administration team as well as the clients. Therefore, we provide you with tailored solutions that cater to their specific 

    Providing executive bodyguard services in Los Angeles with outstanding bodyguard security

    Tailored protection with highly trained professionals in bodyguard security.

    Service FAQ's

    Where do celebrities find their bodyguards?

    There are different platforms where celebrities can find bodyguard services. They might find them by the suggestions of their close friends. Some celebrities got them from an agency or their managers or agents.

    How do I find a good bodyguard?

    A good bodyguard must be of a good nature, and he should also be humble. This job also needs good physical and mental acuity. He must undergo outstanding judgment and rigorous training. He must be equipped with great communication skills to maintain a healthy and friendly environment everywhere. These types of bodyguards also passed through rigorous training so that they could be physically fit. Different bodyguard services in Los Angeles are available where the guards are cunning enough to quickly respond to the situation and have customer service experience. 

    What type of services do bodyguard services offer?

    • Driver services
    • Risk assessment
    • Threat management
    • Home security
    • Event security
    • Executive protection
    • Close protection 

    How can we verify the reliability of the Bodyguard service?

    • First of all, you should schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and concerns.
    • Your bodyguard must have verified licenses and certifications.
    • Check online reviews about the particular service on different platforms to gain insights into the service’s reputation.