We provide high-performance best curiosity patrol security for all your security patrol needs!

Eagle Eye Pro provides the best Los Angeles courtesy patrol guard services with highly experienced and trustworthy security guards.

We are the best company providing you with affordable courtesy patrol in Los Angeles to discourage any security threats to your business or property. At Eagle Eye Pro, we are very proud to announce that our security guards are serving our regional community to keep them protected and safe. We also give priority to our customers by giving them custom Security Services according to their needs. So we offer exceptional security patrol services for every industry that are affordable and according to your needs.

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Top-rated courtesy patrol services

Eagle Eye Pro provides the best courtesy patrol solutions with security guards who are committed to responding to security or tenant concerns. We are also providing Park enforcement and parking citations and report maintenance issues. The sites need more attention as compared to the vehicle patrol. For this purpose, we have experienced courtesy patrol security guards who will give your site high-profile security. We have private security officers who can interact with the personnel on the property and hear about their security concerns.

Onsite courtesy patrol in Los Angeles

Eagle Eye Pro offers reliable security solutions for commercial and residential properties. We have highly experienced security professionals who provide the highest level of protection to our clients. So, we provide a reliable courtesy patrol service with highly skilled security officers. In our services, we give both armed and unarmed security guards according to the needs of the client. On the other side, we also provide access control systems and surveillance systems to provide peace of mind to our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Role of a courtesy officer

We are a reliable courtesy patrol service with a variety of roles and duties. Our security guards do regular patrols of the building or a particular site.

  • Reporting the incident
    The top priority of our courtesy security guard is to report any kind of incident or accident. So our security guards are experienced ones to report any suspicious activity.
  • Monitoring the visitors
    Our Local courtesy patrol services provide you with responsible security guards who monitor the visitors efficiently. So our security guards always keep an eye on the visitors and also check the entry of unknown people.
  • nteracting with tenants
    Our courtesy officers are very humble to interact with the tenants and make them feel comfortable. So, the courtesy patrol security has incredible guards to know the tenants and detect any unfamiliar people at a glance.
  • Patrolling the property
    Our community courtesy patrol provides you with highly trained security guards who do all the time patrolling the property. They normally visit the high traffic and low-traffic areas and also the public places such as pools and laundries.

What are

the skills?

Eagle Eye Pro is the best-licensed courtesy patrol security that has a plan for everyone. Our company provides you with amazing patrol security for every organization.

We are providing security services for apartments as well as for big buildings. We are 24/7 courtesy patrol security which will not only work to stop crimes but also do it at affordable rates. Our courtesy patrol security has security guards who do proper training and motivation to regularly visit and inspect your buildings or apartments. We normally do routine inspections, especially in the morning, afternoon, and evening, so that everything would be noticed regularly. We also provide mobile courtesy patrol with security guards who are licensed and collaborate.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Courtesy Patrol Security

    To give full security to our clients, our security guards are completely trained with state-authorized weapons. The good thing about our company is that we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are giving the best courtesy patrol solutions where the security guards are always on time and punctual.
    Our highly dedicated team members are committed to providing an outstanding standard of patrol security. They also cope with the changing environment of the security industry. If you are looking for licensed and highly trained security officers, then consider this top-rated courtesy patrol service in Los Angeles.
    Eagle Eye Pro provides effective courtesy patrol security with highly efficient security guards. It doesn't matter where you are present in Los Angeles; we are providing our customers with reliable security. We also strive a lot to give our clients an exceptional customer service experience.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Benefits of Standing Security Guards Service in Los Angeles

    Increased community safety

    Our courtesy patrol guard services help in enhancing community safety in different ways. Our security guards effectively prevent crime through visible presence and regular surveillance.

    Enhanced community relations

    We offer the best courtesy patrol security with a safe and sound environment. Through our humble security guards, there will be positive and trustworthy relationships among the community members.

    Improved property maintenance

    With our courtesy patrol security, you will definitely observe improved property maintenance. So we can easily keep the property infrastructure through monitoring, surveillance, and reporting.

    Prompt response to incidents

    Our courtesy patrol responds to the incidents immediately and effectively. This can be possible through our security guards’ quick decision-making.

    Resolve minor conflict

    Our security guards are specialized enough to resolve minor conflicts in a particular place without going to the police. They know very well how to maintain the community’s reputation and resolve the matter without involving the police.

    Strict security throughout the area

    We have experienced courtesy patrol security guards who maintain tight security throughout the area. It can be possible by using CCTV cameras, lights, as well as patrol security guards to keep away suspicious people.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is the most renowned and budget-friendly security company providing high-class courtesy patrol security. Our company has all the skills to tackle your specific security needs. We work at different sites, such as drive-by patrol stops, and on-site patrol stops. This professional courtesy patrol normally monitors your property and checks different issues there. Our security guards will report these issues to our clients. Our security guards are very active in deterring suspicious activity at your property.

    Fully trained Los Angeles courtesy patrol solutions monitoring your whole property

    We have highly trained security guards providing mobile and vehicle patrol at different locations.

    Service FAQ's

    Which security risk should be checked during patrol?

    The courtesy patrol guard should recognize any kind of emergency. This emergency monitoring includes crimes and fire. So our security guards must ensure the safety of all the people and take quick action in case of any emergency.

    What is the courtesy safe list?

    In gated communities, a car patrol safe list is the most effective and safest parking method for vehicle owners. Car patrol safelist also works in multi-living units and commercial property spaces. You do not have to show your physical gate pass every time to your security guard when you go to that particular commercial property or community.


    What are the procedures for patrolling to maintain security?

    • Looking for emergencies
    • Ensuring that all the people in the particular area are safe
    • Check for any suspicious activity
    • Observe the behavior of the people around you to prevent any kind of fight
    • Notice each other if anything looks out of place
    • Check all the entrances and exits of the building

    What is the purpose of the courtesy patrol security?

    The main purpose of the security patrol is to maintain the safety around the area. It also helps in deterring crime and ensuring a peaceful environment in different types of events and facilities. These types of security guards normally check the specific areas on the vehicle as well as on foot. They do so to detect and prevent any suspicious activity.