We provide high-tech protection of the institutions
with trained University security guard

In the University, there are different types of challenges and transformations, therefore, we always need university security. 

Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the best university security guard services California Los Angeles giving different types of securities. Some institutions need full security service and some need it at the annual functions. As a reputed University security guard company in Los Angeles, we have highly trained and qualified security guards. We always ensure the full protection of the whole staff, students, as well as visitors. It provides the best University security guard services in California. After giving full protection, we enable healthy learning behavior in the university.

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Track record in securing educational institutions

Our University security guard service is incredible giving a proven track record of understanding the specific challenges of campus life. Our security guards are trained in escalation techniques and experts in quick emergency response. We provide the best University security guard services in Los Angeles California. We give first aid to the students in any kind of mishap. However, on the other side, our University security guards are trained enough to interact with the students and the faculty keeping the environment friendly.

University security with modern techniques

Eagle Eye Pro is the best University security company equipped with all the modern techniques that should be used nowadays. This is the main reason our University security has all types of access control systems such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems. We also have mobile patrols with us who give a more comprehensive security solution. We are adaptable enough to adapt to the situation providing the service 24/7. So we are the top university security guard company in Los Angeles doing regular patrols, adjusting the guard duties, and much more. 

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

We have highly experienced university security guards who are military veterans, former law enforcement officers, or security professionals with years of experience.

  • Highly responsive emergency response
    In any case of medical emergencies or mishaps, our university security guards are always available to respond to these incidents. Our security officers easily identify and mitigate potential threats through risk assessment and intelligence.
  • 24/7 vigilance and response time
    The good thing about our University security guard services California Los Angeles is that we provide 24/7 security coverage. We ensure that your campus is protected and safe.
  • Cost-effective solutions
    We are the best University security guard services in California giving cost-effective solutions with competitive pricing and transparent billing. Our company is also flexible enough to adjust the services to meet your changing needs.
  • Protection from assets and valuables
    The University security offered by our company gives full protection from assets and other valuable such as important files and sensitive data.

We have


Eagle Eye Pro provides nationwide Security services having the top not securities solutions for educational institutions. 

It is a professional university security services company in Los Angeles CA providing peace of mind for students as well as parents. Our school security guards are expert enough to access the threat perception through risk analysis. Therefore, they know very well how to minimize the vandalism and take the circumstances back to their original state. So we are the best university security guard services in Los Angeles CA with competitive prices. It means that even the smallest school or a big University can afford our safety program. We introduced both armed and unarmed security officers which you can higher according to the circumstances in the university.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    University Security Service

    Our company is one of the best University security guard companies in Los Angeles managing large crowds in a very short period. Usually, in the morning and the off time, there is a crowd on the campus but thanks to security officers who manage the crowd very impressively maintaining order in the high-traffic areas.
    We have highly trained staff who can easily handle the emergencies as well as the medical incidents. So our company is providing the best university security guard services equipped with both the armed as well as the unarmed guards. The guards also check the building, and access points forcing the students to follow all the policies and identify unauthorized individuals. 
    For the safety of the university and different campuses, it is very important to keep the security up to date. This is the main reason, our company comprises high-tech University security guards doing regular patrols around the university as well as inside the campuses. Through these measures, our security guards can easily deter crime and also prevent any unusual activity there. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

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    Security Solutions

    Prevent fights among students

    The duty of a security guard is not only to check the entrances and the exits but also to maintain order on the campus. Our security guards have very potential to prevent fights among the students.

    Violent crime response

    Unfortunately, if there is some strike in which active shooters are present, we have the best University security guard services in Los Angeles. Our guards are armed and potentially disable the shooter preventing further escalation.

    Entry and exit screening

    University always have a danger of the entry of strangers and this is the main reason security guards are always present at the entry and exit points. If some strangers come in their way then there will be proper screening.

    Increased overall vigilance

    University Security Guard Services California Los Angeles also helps in increased vigilance where the guards constantly watch the faculty students as well as other people

    High-end cameras and alarm systems

    With the help of our University security, we have high-end cameras and other alarm systems so that we can keep an eye on the students present in the classrooms to prevent anything illegal from happening.

    On-call emergency assistant

    Our armed security guards are always there with the university students protecting us from any kind of emergency. Our security guards are quick and respond to the situation immediately.

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    For a safe and secure learning experience, we are providing top university security guard services in Los Angeles. So through our services, all the students, staff, and other faculty of the institution are safe and secure. We are providing the best university security guard services in Los Angeles California with patrolling the whole campus, grounds, parking lots, canteens, and much more. Our security officers also respond to emergencies quickly such as fires, active shooters, and medical emergencies. If you want law and order in your university then the best university security guard services in Los Angeles are always here for you. 

    Safeguarding your university and campuses with University security

    Protecting the students, staff, as well as the sensitive areas of the Institution.

    Service FAQ's

    What are the responsibilities of a security guard?

    There are different responsibilities of a university security guard. These responsibilities are:

    • Monitoring property entrance
    • Authorizes the entry of people and vehicles
    • Monitoring surveillance cameras
    • Securing all the doors, windows, and exits
    • Reporting any suspicious activity and happenings
    • Inspecting the people while entering
    • Patrolling different areas of the University

    How can the security guard control the crowd?

    University security uses different strategies to control the area such as checking the entry and exit points. He also uses barriers and signage to control the crowd as well as guide the people. These types of security guards also control the crowd through crowd control tools such as roads or stanchions. After managing the flow of the people, he can ensure a safer and smoother experience for everyone.

    When should we contact a university security guard?

    • If you experience a medical emergency or personal safety concern
    • Seeing any suspicious activity or a crime
    • If there is any kind of violation of the campus policies or code of conduct
    • Uncomfortable or unsafe in any situation in the university
    • If you need help while accessing a building or lost and found items

    What is the role of a university security guard?

    Keep this thing in mind that the University security guard is quite similar to the school security guard and both have the same duty. Their work is to protect the buildings and the inside of the buildings as well as the outside. He also takes care of the entry and exit of the people as well as the students, staff, workers, and anyone visiting the university. According to the information, two types of security guards are available for the university, one is a campus security officer and the other is a student accommodation security guard. Campus security officers work in the campus of the University itself however protect the students during their classes.