We provide customized residential
security guard approaches for inmates

We all know very well that every residential community comes up with different security needs. We are providing the best residential security guards in Los Angeles who are high profile and well-trained.

Eagle Eye Pro is the best residential security service based on the private security needs of the community. This is the main reason we give our clients a free onsite security assessment. We are offering incredible residential security guard services with the guards doing regular patrols to supervise the house. Not only the security of the house, our company is also providing other security such as the security of the parking garage, parking lots, gated community, and neighborhood patrols. 

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Reliable residential Security services in Los Angeles

Eagle Eye Pro is the trusted and reliable residential security guard service in Los Angeles providing professional security. Our services are very effective with the security guards that are active and experienced. Our residential security guard services range from stores, and warehouses to residential properties. The security company always works well when its team is competitive and the same is the case with Eagle Eye Pro. We are a very competitive residential security service with highly professional security guards.

Budget-friendly residential property security service

As a reputed residential service, we feel proud to offer high-quality security service at a reasonable price. It does not matter what the pricing plan is, our security guards are highly trained to protect your property or business. So we provide the best residential security guards in Los Angeles who always strive a lot to ensure that their clients receive the best security services at an affordable price. Our residential security provides a full range of security solutions such as event personnel guards, armed agents, and unarmed agents.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Our residential security guards in Los Angeles are very dedicated, giving a 24/7 monitoring system. They are very professional, having security cameras, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and much more.

  • High-tech alarm systems
    Our security guards do proper installation and maintenance of the alarm system. On the other side, they also do monitoring, testing, and troubleshooting of the particular alarm system.
  • Security cameras
    Our security guards do the proper installation and configuration of the security cameras. They also do proper monitoring, checking the footage, and maintaining the regular performance of the security cameras.
  • Patrolling of the area
    We have highly qualified residential security guard services with Guards who do regular walking or driving around your property. They are very devoted to deter crime and identify any suspicious activity.
  • Monitoring the entrances and exits
    Our security guards also do proper monitoring therefore controlling the access to your property. In case of any unexpected situation, there are alarms and guards respond to the incidents quickly and efficiently.

We have


Our residential property Security services give you unmatched crime protection. This is the main reason our security guards are fully trained to stop any criminal activity.

If you want the armed security guard then they are fully trained on how to use the weapon to stop the crime. Normally, we use these weapons in highly critical conditions. It is our company policy to use these weapons only in case of emergency. We are a dedicated residential security guard service in Los Angeles protecting the high-value assets of the residence. Our guards are very expert in protecting important assets such as jewelry, cash, and sensitive materials. On the other side, the armed security guards of Eagle Eye Pro are expert enough to handle any kind of critical situation.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Residential Security Guard Services

    We only hire those security guards who understand the needs of our clients and then implement them. Our company is giving the best residential security guard services in Los Angeles protecting the environment with full confidence. We give our security guards regular training and also go through extensive fitness assessments.
    So our security guards are making lots of efforts to protect the properties from different types of circumstances. Our company comes in the category of the top-rated residential properties security service giving the first line of defense. We are highly trained to give all clients the utmost services with customized security guard solutions.
    Residential security patrol services from Eagle Eye Pro give you customized residential security solutions. Keep this thing in mind that we gave the services for all kinds of residences. It does not matter whether you want services for your single-family homes gated communities or private estates.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Visible Deterrence

    We have highly trained security guards who are professional enough to deter any criminal activity. They prevent potential intruders from coming into the home with the help of visible security measures.

    Immediate response

    Although alarm systems will be installed by our company, our security guards are responsive enough to respond immediately to any security breaches. They also respond to the fire on medical emergencies quickly and efficiently.

    Proactive approach

    We are providing high-quality residential security patrol services in Los Angeles with a proactive approach. It means that they can easily prevent minor issues from turning into big problems.

    Personalized security

    Compared to the technology-based solutions, our security guards give a more personalized approach to security. This is the main reason they are well-trained to enquire about the residence, the routines, and specific concerns.

    Access control

    All residential Security services also train the guards to manage the entry and exit points by keeping in mind that these are the critical points. Here, there is a chance of loss so they ensure that unauthorized access is limited.

    Enhance your overall sense of well-being

    After providing full access to the security guards, there will be reduced anxiety. It will therefore enhance your overall sense of well-being.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is a very dedicated and focused security guard company that ensures the critical aspects of their jobs. We are flexible enough to communicate very easily with the public to ensure the clients that they are satisfied with us. We also provide luxury residential Security services whether you want a single guard for your residence or a number of guards. This is the main reason we are providing residential property Security services according to the unique security needs of the client. Our security guards are very experienced and know how to handle unexpected situations such as any medical emergency or fire.

    Protecting your area with residential security monitoring services

    Protect your valuables in your home, as well as protect the outside areas of your residence.

    Service FAQ's

    What do residential security services offer?

    Residential Security services give different types of security solutions to deter crime and protect you.

    These are:

    • Cyber security solutions 
    • Security guards 
    • Alarm systems 
    • Simple cameras 
    • CCTV cameras 
    • Home automation 
    • Access control systems 
    • Alarm systems

    Do we need residential security services?

    Actually, we need the best residential security guard services in Los Angeles but the needs are different according to the requirement. The security services from our side depend on different factors such as

    your valuables and crime rates in your area.

    So when you are fully protected then you will definitely feel peace of mind and you can also travel frequently because security guards are giving you remote monitoring and access control

    What should we look for while choosing a residential security guard service in Los Angeles?

    • Choosing a dedicated company with years of experience
    • Make sure that the company is licensed and insured
    • Choose the company that gives you services at an affordable rate
    • The company should also offer equipment that aligns with your needs and budget
    • The services should be available 24/7 with a quick response protocol
    • Review the contract terms carefully and also understand the cancellation policies