Well-trained docks and marina security guards
to prevent unauthorized access

Eagle Eye Pro is the best docks and marina security company to prevent unauthorized access and protect the boats and yachts. Therefore, all your expensive equipment will be safe and secure. 

With our Dock container security service, you can easily keep your dock and marina safe and secure. We provide you with the best marine safety and security in Los Angeles with highly trained security guards. Our security guards remain alert every time to detect any suspicious activity, theft, or vandalism. Our main purpose is to train all our marine security guards according to modern technologies. So they can cope with the security measures of the docks and marina. Through our dock security service, our security guards are available 24/7 which sets us apart from our competitors. 

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Professional Docks and Marina Security in Los Angeles

We all know very well that docks and marinas are vulnerable to theft and criminal activity. This is the main reason, we will provide you with the best docks and marina security. We have years of experience in the security industry. Our security service in Marina has highly trained security guards equipped with all the security-related knowledge and skills at sea. We assure you to safeguard your valuable assets and also maintain a secure environment at the same time. So the people there will have peace of mind and relaxation.

Top Rated docker security service in Los Angeles

Every dock and marina comes up with its own set of security requirements. Keeping this thing in mind, we are flexible enough to serve you with the best custom marine security guard service. Our security guards are very experienced in developing security strategies according to your specific needs. Our security guards are highly trained and conduct a thorough assessment of your area. We also identify the potential vulnerabilities. We provide dock container security service designing a tailored security plan for maximum protection.   

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Our marine security guard service has highly skilled security guards who know very well about boat handling and navigation. They are also well aware of different types of boats and docking procedures.

  • First Aid and CPR certification
    With the help of our marine security guards service in Los Angeles, our security guards are aware of handling medical emergencies as well as firearm training. They know how to use the firearm for deterrent and defensive purposes.
  • Boat Management and Repair
    Eagle Eye Pro is always one step forward from all other security companies having the security guards know about boat management and repair. These skills are very helpful in coping with emergencies.
  • Teamwork and collaboration
    We always have effective communication and cooperation with other security personnel, law enforcement, and marina staff.
  • Conflict Resolution and De-escalation
    We provide you with the best marina security service with security guards expert enough to handle conflicts calmly and professionally. We also know how to avoid unnecessary escalation.

We have


Marinas comes up with millions of dollars worth of equipment. There are different equipment such as boats, water scooters, yachts, as well as other water vehicles. 

If the marinas are not fully protected then there will be much chance of any criminal activity. So why are we putting our property at risk? Thanks to Eagle Eye Pro serving the people with high-class marine safety and security in Los Angeles. With the help of our security guards, we can prevent any kind of criminal activity such as drug dealing, assault, and much more. Our dock security service always prevents unauthorized access as well as keeping your boats and yachts safe and sound. 

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Docks and Marina security guard services

    Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best docks and marina security companies keeping the area safe from possible threats. Our security guards are highly trained in how to respond immediately to emergencies such as medical emergencies and fire. Make sure that all our crew members as well as the guests are on high alert because a single mistake can cause devastating damage to the property.
    So we always need security at docks and marina. We are the best marina security guard service giving full-time security at docks, marina, and shipyard. It is, therefore, a compulsory approach to security providing a safer and more secure environment. Through our security service in the marina, we protect you from theft, robbery, and vandalism. 
    Docks and marina security are always important as these places are equipped with costly properties including luxurious boats and yachts. So if there is any kind of criminal activity then ultimately, it will lead to substantial damage to the properties.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Reduced theft and vandalism

    Eagle Eye Pro provides the best dock security service with reduced theft and vandalism. Their visible presence can easily deter any criminal activity protecting the equipment, personal belongings, and boats.

    Smooth guest experience

    Our security guards are very cooperative giving answers to the questions, guiding the people, and enforcing the rules. They are very humble to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free experience for the visitors and the boaters.

    Traffic management

    Through our security service in the marina, the guards know very well about docking and parking. All these measures will prevent accidents and congestion, therefore leading to a smoother flow of operations.

    Improved access control

    Through our dock container security service, we can regulate the entry and exit points. Our security guards also verify the IDs, therefore, restricting access to sensitive areas.

    Immediate response to emergency

    Our company provides a high-class marina security guard service with highly efficient security guards that can immediately react to medical situations, security breaches, or fires.

    Increased property value

    The secure dock attracts many tenants and boaters themselves. This thing will increase the property value of the docks and the boats.

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    With Us?

    Marina and dock security is always important. This is the main reason eye Eagle Eye Pro is providing the high-class dock security service in Los Angeles. We provide customized event security along with high-class secondary strategies for different events from yard parties to beside galas. Our security guards are experts in crowd management with extensive experience handling.

    Highly effective and Cutting-Edge strategies for dock and marina security

    Guardians of the Harbor: Fortifying Docks and Marinas for Total Security.

    Service FAQ's

    Why is security important for docks and marinas?

    Docks and marina security are very important to protect the people, vessels, and property from vandalism, theft, and accidents. Therefore, it also ensures a safe and secure environment for the staff, visitors, as well as the boat owner. 

    What are the common security measures in docks and marinas?

    Docker and security services include access control systems, surveillance cameras, lighting, perimeter fencing, security patrols, and emergency response. The security companies also offer custom dock security services depending on the site and location of the marina. 

    How can we ensure the safety of the boat in a marina?

    The boat owners can also work on the vessel’s safety by protecting the valuable items, using proper mooring techniques as well as following marina guidelines. They can report any criminal activity or suspicious activity on the boat. 

    What role does technology play in marina security?

    Technology plays a very important role in marine safety and security. The security guards must be expert enough to use the CCTV cameras, intrusion detection, access control system, and other communication devices. They must also go for advanced techniques such as surveillance systems, monitoring, and overall security effectiveness.