We help people reduce the retailer's loss due to
theft, operating inefficiencies, and control deficiencies.

We all know very well that shoplifting is a serious issue, and this is the main reason retailers must take proper steps to protect them from theft.

We provide highly trained security guards for loss prevention by taking effective measures. Then, our retailer will be able to deliver the product to their customers at a lower price. So, with the help of loss prevention security, they can improve their profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace. Our security agents for loss prevention are very efficient and effectively reduce the occurrence of shoplifting.

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Professionally trained loss prevention security guards

Our loss prevention guard normally works in the public sector and, therefore, deals with different people and situations. So our company has well-prepared security guards because everyday shop lifter methods are constantly changing. Eagle Eye Pro is a potential company that always gives training to its security guards in predictive profiling, aggression management, and intervention techniques. During aggression control training, our focus is on the consequences of different actions during the conflict.

Safety measures for loss prevention Los Angeles

Our security guards are very important for store protection. Our company offer various services that assist in mitigating the risks associated with shoplifting. We provide you with the best loss prevention Security Services in which security guards take different measures to prevent loss. Our security guards keep watching the area 24/7 and send out different patrols to deter crime and theft. So, with the help of an anti-theft security officer, our customers always feel safe and secure.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Our loss prevention security guards actively check the surveillance cameras as well as alarm systems. We also have other security devices to detect and deter criminal activities.

  • Physical security checks
    We have high-class retail security guards who conduct routine physical checks of the stores to identify any sign of unauthorized access or vandalism.
  • Shoplifting prevention
    Eagle Eye Pro is the best company with loss prevention guards who always focus on preventing shoplifting by actively patrolling the retail spaces.
  • Investigation and incident reporting
    In case of any incident, our loss prevention security guards conduct different investigations to gather relevant information. It includes documenting incidents, collecting evidence, and giving detailed reports for further actions.
  • Technology integration
    We provide highly qualified security guards for loss prevention, working with advanced security technology such as alarms, electronic article surveillance, and CCTV cameras. We are highly trained to use these technologies and enhance the overall security.

We have


Eagle Eye Pro is a dedicated company whose main purpose is to prevent retail crime in their store. You will definitely get high-class security with the help of our retail security guard

With the help of our loss prevention Security Services, you will get a compelling professional image of your store. It will also give the opposite feeling about your store where the customers will also feel safe while shopping. It means that our loss prevention security guard not only maintains security at the retail store but also maintains a positive atmosphere in the store. Our security guards are fully trained to greet the visitors in a friendly way. Another unique thing about our security guards is that they also transfer their relative knowledge to personnel working in the store. It will be very helpful for the staff who can report any suspicious activity if the security guard is not available in any case.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Loss prevention Security Guard Services

    We provide you with excellent anti-theft Security Services for loss prevention to prevent thefts from occurring. If you want the security guard in plain clothes then we will also provide according to your demands. This is because security guards in plain clothes will easily blend with the customers and staff.
    Our company also installs cameras at different strategic locations to manage security and prevent any criminal activity. We always keep an eye out for any sign of misconduct. So our loss prevention security guards are very active in protecting against theft in a retail store.
    Not only maintaining the safety of security guards but also keeping an eye on any science of misconduct by the customers or the salesman. We are highly active in responding to any unexpected situation immediately. Our retail security guards can easily protect against theft in a retail environment by practicing different security measures. Having a loss prevention officer will be helpful in preventing any criminal activity in the store.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Reduced risk of theft

    Loss prevention security guards have extensive experience on how to deter theft by patrolling the premises. They also monitor the activity around the buildings and retail stores and intervene in suspicious situations.

    Improved customer safety

    Our security guards can create a safe and secure environment for customers in retail stores. They do so by patrolling the building and responding to different emergencies efficiently.

    Peace of mind

    Our retail security guards can help retail stores and business owners by giving a peace of mind. Now, they know very well that their property and employees are safe and secure.

    Enhanced employees morale

    The Loss prevention security officer from our company can help to improve employee morale. They can create a safe and more secure work environment by assisting the employees in an emergency.

    Improved customer service

    We provide the best loss prevention security guards with improved customer service to the customers and other people at the store.

    Access control

    Our store protection officer can control the access to different restricted areas of the store and ensure that only authorized people are allowed to enter there.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Loss prevention personnel from Eagle Eye Pro offer high-quality loss prevention services. Keep this thing in mind that our business is more than just about securing the retail store. We offer our loss prevention security services to small businesses and corporations. Our company provides armed or unarmed loss prevention security with the availability of 24/7 in Los Angeles.

    Incredible loss prevention security guard services for the prevention of retail crime

    Protecting the inside of the retail store from potential security threats and criminal activity.

    Service FAQ's

    What is the role of a loss prevention security guard?

    These types of security guards are responsible for preventing theft, fraud, or other forms of lass within a retail environment or a business. Loss prevention security guards l normally use different strategies to detect criminal activities and maintain a secure environment.

    How can loss prevention security officers prevent shoplifting?

    The security guards can prevent shoplifting by patrolling the retail spaces. They also take other security measures such as identification of any suspicious activity, monitoring the surveillance cameras, and implementing measures such as increased visibility and security tags on merchandise.

    What type of training do loss prevention security guards receive?

    They normally do different training in areas such as conflict resolution, customer service, emergency response, legal aspects of detainment, surveillance techniques, etc. The security guards also become familiar with security technologies.

    Do loss prevention security guards have the authority to detain suspected shoplifters?

    These security guards have limited authority to detain suspected shoplifters. It actually depends on local laws and company policies. However, their primary purpose is to observe, prevent, and report the particular incident.