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In college, different tense situations occur, but thanks to Eagle Eye Pro, which is the first step towards resolving problems in college.

We are providing your college with the top college security guard services in Los Angeles, such as fire protection, first aid, and much more. The good thing about our services is that after dialing our number in case of an emergency, we will be here for you within three minutes. Our college security service is very top-notch, providing you with contract security officers as well as off-duty law enforcement officers. Not only this, we provide commercial security services if you want high class security. Our Los Angeles college security guard services are very qualified and have special skills to maintain security.

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Top-notch security and emergency planning for colleges

Whenever we have to maintain security at the colleges, we conduct a comprehensive security risk assessment before starting the formal security staff services. Our company comes in the category of the best college security guard companies in Los Angeles with multi-focused assessments. We always focus on the detection of crime as well as giving high-class security and facilities to the staff, students, and teachers.

Understanding the campus security

Eagle Eye Pro is providing the best college security guard services in California with highly trained security officers. Keep this thing in mind that our security officers undergo all the screening selection and training processes to ensure that every officer is an expert in handling any kind of critical situation. Our college security guards also undergo Counter terrorism training as well as prevention activities and events. So our main priority is to secure the whole college while maintaining a friendly environment.

Why Choose Us?

Take a Look at Assurance and Protection

Safety is always the first concern for the parents as well as the students while taking admission to the college. So we provide full piece of mind to the students as well as the parents.

  • Prevention of violence
    We are giving the top college security guard services in Los Angeles by keeping in mind the prevention of violence at the college.
  • Addressing student’s safety concerns
    Our college security guard services always address the student’s safety concerns by managing the issues. These issues are violence among the students and alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Effective management of student diversity
    Our college security guards are talented enough to prevent any tension or conflict among the students. We are providing the best college security guard services to ensure no harm to any student.
  • Preventing different security threats
    With the help of college security guard services in California, we protect students from different kinds of security threats.

We have


College security guards always show the protection of the college students not only on normal days but also during special events. We are providing the best college security guard services in California and Los Angeles and preventing students from all kinds of threats.

Our college security guards are in uniform so that they can prevent thieves, intruders, or looters from coming across the college boundary. College security guard services, especially at the outside of the gate, are very important to handle any emergency. Security guards are expert enough to catch the suspects or any other suspicious activity. Not only the safety of the students and the Teachers, we also assure the safety of the vehicles at the parking lots.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    College Security Guard Services

    While keeping the colleges secure at all times, it is also the duty of the security officer to maintain a healthy and friendly environment. Eagle Eye Pro is the leading security solution not just for schools, colleges, and universities but also for healthcare residential and corporate environments.
    We have a wide range of experience so that our security guards can easily see different areas in the college for security purposes. Along with the regular patrol, they also have a bird's eye view of the whole college with the help of CCTV cameras.
    Our company comes in the category of the best college security guard services in Los Angeles, providing different techniques and approaches to security. These security approaches are perfect to protect the students, college staff, as well as teachers. 

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Our Premium Range Of
    Security Solutions

    Increases overall security on the campus

    We are providing the best college security guard services, which increases the overall security on the campus. The overall security will definitely help the students to concentrate on their studies.

    Decreases alcohol and drug abuse

    Our company comes in the category of the best college security guard companies that give importance to decreasing alcohol and drug abuse. Therefore, this thing will definitely reduce the crimes related to alcohol and drugs.

    Decreases the cases of sexual assault and discomfort

    Eagle Eye Pro provides the top college security guard services that significantly decrease serious crimes such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, and physical assault. So, we promise to provide a safe and secure environment to the students.

    Reduces campus crimes

    We are giving the best college security guard services with highly trained security guards who reduce campus crimes such as burglary and theft.

    Preventing Unwanted visitors

    Eagle Eye Pro provides highly trained security guards who are expert enough to prevent unwanted visitors. Our security guards also protect against unlawful trespassing and strangers with weapons.

    Enhanced collaboration and communication

    Our company, Eagle Eye Pro, is the potential one with humble and friendly security guards who increase collaboration and communication among students.

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    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is the best college security guard service in Los Angeles, California, and keeps the students safe and secure all the time. We have come up with vast experience providing access control and other security services.  Our guards are experienced ones who receive training in report writing and patrolling services. We also give first aid training to our officers so that they can rescue the students in case of any medical emergency.

    Protecting the college with college security guards

    Safeguarding the classrooms, libraries, halls, parking lots, and grounds of the college.

    Service FAQ's

    Is it dangerous to be a college security guard?

    No, college security guard service is the safest one as compared to other security professions.  The reason is that there is less risk of accounting for dangerous situations. On the other side, many colleges have safety protocols in place and trained Guards who know how to respond to emergencies.

    What are the career advancement opportunities for college security guards?

    College security guard services can advance to supervisory positions or other roles within the security departments. Our college security guards are experienced enough to go into different other careers such as law enforcement or other security related fields.

    Where can we find more information about college security guard jobs?

    You can find college security jobs on different college websites as well as in local newspapers. However, you can also find that particular job on online job boards. People also contact the security department at the local college to get more information.

    What is the work environment of college security guards?

    The security guards at college come up with different work environments. For example, they have to do the job for a mix of days, nights, and weekends to ensure 24/7 availability. They have to perform their jobs at different locations, such as study halls, libraries, grounds, staffrooms, corridors, classrooms, entrances, parking lots, etc. Some security guards work alone. However, some collaborate and work in groups with fellow Guards or law enforcement.