Eagle Eye Pro: We provide The Best Unarmed Security Guards

We provide highly qualified unarmed security services which include the patrolling of the area as well as detection of the crime.

We are a dedicated unarmed security guard company in which our security guards detect any suspicious activity, assist in the case of unattended children, answer people’s questions, and much more. It is the unarmed security guards. In Los Angeles, unarmed security guards services near me with all the facilities that you want for your area. In case of any medical emergency, our unarmed security is always here for you; we are just a call away from you.

Unarmed Security Guard Services

The main duty of these security guards is to observe any suspicious activity where they can get help from the closed-circuit cameras. As an outstanding unarmed security guard company, we can help you keep your employees, buildings, and assets safe and sound. So we provide private eye protection, and provide these services where crime rates are less or lower. Our unarmed security guard is professional enough to prevent any kind of theft or vandalism.

Professional American Guard Service

Eagle Eye Pro comes in the category of the best security guard companies, providing the unmatched security that you ever want. Our security guards are always there for you, making the people feel safe and secure. So we are the best American guard service, keeping everything under control. We give basic crime prevention training to our unarmed security officers due to which they can handle any kind of situation.

Why Choose Us?

Unmatched Physical Security

With our unarmed security service, our guards give high quality physical security. They use different things for security, such as mobile patrols, alarm systems, gated entrances, key card systems, and much more.

  • Enhanced Public Perception
    Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best-unarmed security companies with enhanced public perception. We provide the best security guard fostering a more welcoming and positive environment for the residents and the visitors.
  • Emergency Response
    Our unarmed security guard service in Los Angeles is exceptional where the guards are fully trained to handle any kind of medical emergencies, urgent situations and fires.
  • Community Engagement
    An unarmed security officer must be good in communication, same is the case with the Eagle Eye Pro unarmed security service. Our guards are best in communication, leading to a more effective security collaboration.
  • Reputable unarmed security service
    Our security company is a reputable company with years of experience in securing residential communities. Our security guards are fully experienced in conflict resolution and de-escalation.

What are

the skills

Our unarmed security guards Service in Los Angeles comprises security officers who play a vital role in maintaining the safety and security of the community.

Our unarmed security guards have the capability to cope with a variety of environments. They have many skills regarding security making them stand out among other unarmed security companies. Our security guards can build rapport and get the trust of the people; they can easily diffuse tense situations and much more. So, if you are looking for unarmed security guards In Los Angeles, with unarmed security guard services near me, Eagle Eye Pro is the best. Another great quality of our staff is that they are highly professional and they learn this through our dedicated training.

We Will



    Our Expertise in

    Unarmed security guard service

    Eagle Eye Pro is an unarmed security guard company where the guards normally patrol large areas, keeping the situation under control. They are responsible enough to handle emergency situations along with helping people efficiently. Our team members are fully alert and remain calm in potentially stressful situations. After handling the situation, they can administer basic life support measures.
    We are one of the best security guard companies in Los Angeles having excellent unarmed security guards who actively listen to the problems of the people and solve them. They effectively address different issues in a particular place and solve them through creative solutions and communications. The guards from our company are fully active and physically fit, having the ability to stand for an extended period.
    Unarmed security guard companies are very expert in any kind of unarmed security, and the same is the case with Eagle Eye Pro. Our security guards maintain the security and safety of the community impressively. A potential security guard must have a diverse set of skills to efficiently carry out their duties. This is the main reason our team has all these skills and can easily control the whole situation.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards Service in Los Angeles

    Guaranteed Safety and Security of the Organization

    Eagle Eye Pro provides the best-unarmed security guard services with guaranteed safety and security of the organization. So our security guards are experienced professionals with up-to-date security technology and techniques.

    Handling negatively growing situations

    In our company, we have professional unarmed security guards who are experienced in diffusing negatively growing situations. Therefore, they communicate with the people by listening to them actively and interacting with verbal and non-verbal communication.

    Managing the Large Crowds

    The security guards can manage a large crowd, and the same is the case with Eagle Eye Pro. They can easily manage big crowds at different events, and for this purpose, they are specially trained to handle Different crowd control scenarios.

    Prevent people from potential threats.

    We come in the category of the best Security guard companies in Los Angeles who are specialized in protecting people from potential threats. This is the main reason they can easily handle critical situations such as gun violence.

    Technology Integration: Boosting the effectiveness

    Our security guards are fully up to date with proper training, and we know very well that by using the technology, they can boost the effectiveness of the security. Our unarmed security guard company can easily monitor CCTV cameras and run different alarm systems.

    Increased compliance and flexibility

    The security guards of Eagle Eye Pro come up with increased compliance and flexibility and are available 24/7, participating in immediate patrols.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro provides incredible Unarmed Security Services with security guards that offer a professional and welcoming approach to safety. So, the security guards Of all teams create a friendly environment by increasing the trust of the people. Therefore, in this particular area, all the residents, customers, as well as visitors are fully satisfied from the security point of view. Unarmed Security guards from our side are fully trained in communicating with the people. They have all the skills to resolve critical situations where with conflict resolution techniques.

    Safeguarding your area with unarmed security guards

    Protect your valuables in your home, as well as protect the outside areas of your home.

    Service FAQ's

    What is the meaning of an unarmed security guard?

    As the name depicts, the unarmed security guards do not have firearms with them, so they are an affordable option for people seeking security. Although they do not have proper weapons, they come up with non lethal weapons such as batons. With the help of these non-lethal weapons, they can control the whole situation and can act upon it when required. Due to their presence, different criminals do not dare to enter the particular area.

    What are the benefits of unarmed security guards?

    The main advantage of unarmed security guards is that if you hire them in an event or premise, you can protect the people from potential threats. Many troublemakers get scared of these unarmed security guards because of their presence and their uniforms. It also shows that the particular organization is serious about security.


    What services do unarmed security guards give?

    • Monitoring of the people at the entry and exit points
    • Mobile patrols and foot patrols in the area
    • Taking different prevention measures to lessen theft and vandalism
    • Making a high level of community Engagement for a welcoming atmosphere
    • Giving an outstanding customer service
    • Giving emergency response to any critical condition, such as medical emergencies and fires

    Can we utilize technology with unarmed security services?

    The unarmed security guard can easily take help from technology using CCTV cameras, different access control systems as well as mobile apps. With the help of alarm systems, they can also monitor the alerts for different kinds of threats. So all these things enhance the awareness among the security guards through which they can easily make decisions. Therefore, with the help of technology, they can arrange more intensive preventive measures regarding security. With the help of technology, they can easily improve reporting and data analysis to make future security plans.