Making Your Guests Feel Protected At
High Standards with Robust Services

Being among the leading private security companies Los Angeles, we’ve experience in working with well-established hotel chains.

We provide bespoke security services in downtown Los Angeles including investigation, surveillance, and apprehension. Not just this, we ensure to protect your guest’s luggage while keeping your high-profile premises safe and secure. With years of experience and a well-trained professional team, our security guards act as deterrents and stay vigilant to detect any suspicious activity. At Eagle Eye Protection Inc., we offer top-flight security solutions while monitoring all the accessing points.

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Concierge Solutions

With our exceptional security services, we create a safe space for your guests and employees while improving the repo of your business in the industry. Our security guards are licensed, registered, and ready to serve you at any hour. The concierge serves we offer, do not only include access control but also assist with security measures to improve your customer’s experience.

Patrolling Services

From protecting your guest’s belongings to providing security services in parking areas – we strive to provide manned and static security solutions. Our safety services include security patrols, uniformed security, CCTV monitoring, and many more. We provide our hotel security staff with the training they need to combat unpleasant situations while keeping an eye on unusual activities.

Service FAQ's

What Do Your Security Services in Downtown Los Angeles Offer?

Being one of the top private security companies Los Angeles, we believe hotel security works best when the guests can feel and see its presence but without any disturbance in the ambiance. However, security services interfering with the welcoming and leisure environment of the hotel can ruin the experience. Hence, to make the experience of your visitors exceptional, we offer services that do not disturb your visitors. Above all, we provide manned guarding service with highly presentable security staff. Our security staff is experienced, vetted, and professionally trained to provide the security your premises deserves. Besides, we provide the highest quality of protection and security in an accommodating and friendly with a combined approach of human and electronic security.

What Duties Your Security Team Perform?

Since our security team has years of experience and relevant knowledge in serving the hospitality industry, they save numerous other duties along with security services. Our well-dressed security guards greet your guests at the entrance while guiding them on the way to the reception. Not just this, they conduct metal scanning to ensure the hotel premises is safe but in a very accommodating manner that does not make your guests feel offended. Moreover, people opt for security services in downtown Los Angeles only if they meet the industry standards. Keeping this in mind, we have provided our custodial staff with a unique skill set to manage a conflicting situation. Simply put, our hospitality security workforces are proficient in quickly responding to challenging situations while defusing them – that is just because we are premium security service providers among all private security companies Los Angeles.

Why You Should Choose Eagle Eye Protection Inc.?

Our company is compliant with the highest security standards in the USA. Not just this, we have a team of security guards who do not only have the training – but they have relevant experience and knowledge with license and registration. In simpler terms, we are safe and approved contractors with a well-maintained reputation. On top of this, we offer the finest security personnel in the town to ensure the safety and security of your hotel. Before assigning guards the security responsibility we make sure that they are the best possible fit. All our security staff has gone through comprehensive training sessions in conflict management and offering great customer service. They know exactly how they are supposed to respond to complicated conditions with the suitable approach.

How Does Your Company Approach Hotel Security?

To provide the best hotel security solutions for you, our highly trained and experienced security experts first comprehend your security needs. Analyzing potential risks and then coming up with bespoke strategies is the cherry on top. If you are looking for security services in downtown Los Angeles, Eagle Eye Protection Inc. should be your choice. We believe hotel security must not feel intrusive and must provide a secure environment without compromising on visitor’s enjoyment and comfort. However, to implement this approach, we make sure, our hotel security guards are qualified, cautious, and highly presentable with friendly and welcoming nature.