We provide reliable and up-to-the-mark shopping center security service

Eagle Eye Pro is doing all the duties from pickpocketing to shoplifting. Our purpose is to protect the shopping centers from all kinds of crimes.

We are one of the best shopping center gate security solutions that help you protect your business and keep your customers safe and sound. Our security guards got full training and normally do the patrolling of the premises during business hours. Eagle Eye Pro is the shopping center security solutions providing round-the-clock monitoring through high-tech surveillance equipment. If there is any suspicious activity, then the security guards are already present to control the situation. We have also designed a customized security program that is according to your budget. We offer incredible shopping center security services committed to your needs.

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Professional Shopping Center Security Service

We are providing high-class shopping center security guard services that are visible yet non-intrusive. We have years of experience giving professional shopping center security services to highly trained security officers. Our security guards know very well how to respond quickly to any criminal activity. Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best shopping security solutions that actively participates in improving the security at shopping centers. Our security guards are very active in assisting in medical emergencies.

Reliable Shopping Center Security Solutions

Our Security provides the shopping centers with reliable security, assisting the customers and providing them with directions. Our security guards also answer the questions of the people who enquire about the particular locations. The duty of the shopping center security guard is not only to protect the crime but also to manage the lost and found items and give them back to their owners.

Why Choose Us?

Safety and Security

Our Los Angeles shopping center security service has a high-level team of officers who always give priority to security. We take care of all the things such as patrolling, emergency response, crime prevention, and much more.

  • Controlling the crowd in the shopping
    The shopping center security service from our company plays a very important role in controlling the crowd in the shopping center as well as the traffic.
  • Monitoring and Surveillance
    We are an incredible shopping center security service in Los Angeles providing CCTV surveillance. So, with an alarm system and access control, we can easily control the situation.
  • Preventing any criminal activity
    We are also providing shopping center gate security therefore protecting any kind of criminal activity.
  • Making a friendly environment
    Although we must secure the whole shopping mall at the same time, our security guards act very friendly with the customers and the employees.

What are

the skills?

We are providing the best shopping center security service in Los Angeles, CA, equipped with outstanding physical abilities and mental awareness.

We are a Los Angeles security company having security guards with excellent observational skills to identify suspicious activity. Our security guards are potential enough to know any potential threats and safety hazards. Our shopping center security guards los angeles ca, maintains consistent and regular patrols throughout the mall as well as the parking lots. The shipping center security from our company knows very well how to deal with the people there through verbal and nonverbal communication. Through our skills, our officers can easily diffuse tense situations and safely calm the customers or employees over there.

We Will



    Our Expertise and Experience in

    Shopping center security services

    Another great shopping center security service from Eagle Eye Pro is that it also offers modern training classes. In these classes, our security guards have a trained eye on any suspicious behaviour. After knowing these kinds of behaviors, we also implement security measures checking through CCTV monitoring and regular patrols.
    Not only the general security measures, our shopping center security services also take lots of steps in installing all the modern security devices. We use CCTV cameras, alarm systems, proper lighting, and other devices which make us alert in any unexpected situation. So, we provide the most modern crime prevention and deterrence.
    We come up with incredible shopping center security solutions, offering experience and expertise in a wide range of areas. These areas are the stores inside the mall, the stairs, lounges, parking lots, as well as the outside of the shopping center. We also give incredible shopping center gate security where the gates are partially closed in the morning and locked in the night.

    Providing Tailored Protection For Your Business

    Delivering premium shopping center security solutions

    Peace of mind for the shoppers and customers

    We are providing the high-class shopping center security service in Los Angeles, CA, giving them peace of mind and encouraging them to visit the center again.

    Children are safe and secure.

    With the help of our Los Angeles security company, the children in the shopping mall are also safe and secure. So the parents also have a comfortable experience of shopping. 

    Reduced loss from theft

    While providing the modern Los Angeles shopping center security service, there is a reduced loss of theft and vandalism.

    Improved Customer Service

    Our security guards are properly trained to give the customers outstanding customer service. Therefore, it improves the overall shopping experience of the customers.

    Enhanced property value

    When your shopping center is safe and secure then ultimately, it attracts the tenants towards it. Therefore, it increases the property value of the shopping mall.


    CCTV cameras supervision

    Eagle Eye Pro is the best Los Angeles security company with the most modern and updated CCTV cameras through which they can deter crime.

    Are You Interested In Working
    With Us?

    Eagle Eye Pro is one of the best shopping center security services in Los Angeles, CA, preventing the shopping center from any kind of illegal activity. We are offering the best shopping center security guard services experts in both physical security as well as modern security systems and cameras. However, on the other side, our security guards are friendly enough to create a friendly environment among the employees as well as the customers. We are also experts in helping people go the right way they want. We are also equipped with the mic system as well as the alarm systems to help the parents find the lost child.

    Shopping Center Security Solution

    Protecting the shopping center through outstanding shopping center security solutions

    Service FAQ's

    What is the duty of the security guard in the shopping center?

    The main job of the shopping center security guard is to maintain the law and order in the shopping area. The security guards work in a safe and orderly where they normally do regular patrol all around the shopping centers. They respond to the conflicts quickly and resolve the issue. They also perform other duties such as removing patrons who have violated the rules, taking care of the customers and the employees, and crowd control.

    What are the things that security guards cannot do while on the job?

    While providing the shopping center security guard services, the security guard can only touch the person to resolve the issue. However, they are not allowed to use excessive force when dealing with the problem. He can use a limited amount of force necessary to protect the public or criminal activity.


    What services do shopping center security services provide?

    The service offer a wide range of security services to secure the staff, employees, as well as the customers.

    • Emergency response
    • Patrolling the shopping mall
    • Report writing
    • Alarm systems
    • CCTV monitoring
    • Access control
    • Customer service
    • Preventing theft and vandalism


    What are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing the shopping center security solution?

    • Experience of the shopping security guard
    • Get the price idea from another security service
    • Checking the reputation of the security company and whether they are providing the particular service
    • Hiring a licenced and trained security guard

    What services does a retail security guard provide?

    They provide 24/7 security services by checking customers’ entry and exit points and consulting with management on safety measures. They are also in charge of crowd management, front office duties, parking lot security, assisting and escorting customers, and operating CCTV and video surveillance, all of which are provided by security guard retail in Los Angeles.