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With security officers around, many of us feel safe. They are frequently seen in public places. When we go shopping, bank, pick up our children from school, or even visit an amusement park, we notice them conducting security checks. When we see these trustworthy folks, we undoubtedly feel safe. When you own a business, you must safeguard your assets and property against theft and other illegal activity. This implies that you must employ security. The most efficient way to deal with it is to hire security guards to defend your business. You can secure the safety of your employees, customers, and property in this manner. So, keep this in mind while hiring security guards: unarmed security guards are important.

  • Affordable: 

Unarmed security guards are the most cost-effective as compared to others types of guards. In most circumstances, they are sufficient to safeguard your business. Armed security guards would need to be licensed and trained to carry firearms if hired. As a result, the cost per hour will increase. Having firearms on your property also puts you at danger of injuring or killing someone. Unarmed security guards are the most economical alternative for any small business.

  • Effective Defense:

Unarmed security guards are extremely effective. The only time you might need to hire armed security guards is if you think your business could be targeted by armed thieves. Because this is a rare occurrence, hiring unarmed guards is advantageous. They will be able to prevent theft and vandalism with ease. Unarmed security personnel must go through extensive training at a state-approved facility. Furthermore, unarmed guards have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest. Despite the fact that they are not armed, all unarmed guards are trained to have the required abilities and expertise to settle the conflict and keep your business secure.

  • Visible Dissuasion:

Unarmed guards provide a strong visual deterrent. When troublemakers see the presence of a guard, they flee. If the unarmed security guard firm has a good patrol management system in place, they will be able to make sure that the guards are well-trained to deal with any situation and keep the property safe. Even if the situation becomes out of control for an unarmed security officer, they can always request external assistance in real-time.

  • Safety Feeling:

You want to keep your staff and customers safe as a business owner. They may be concerned, though, if armed security personnel are always present. This is why unarmed security guards are far superior to armed security guards. Because they provide a sense of security while also providing the same level of protection.

  • Risk is Low:

Even though armed security personnel are trained, there is always the possibility that someone will be shot. There’s also the possibility that a thief will steal the guard’s weapon and fire on your employees or clients. As a company owner, you will be held responsible if someone is injured or killed as a consequence of a gunshot. Unarmed people, on the other hand, can provide the same level of protection for your company without the risk of violence.

  • Preventing Liability:

Taking on lethal force comes with its own set of dangers. It’s usually better to avoid armed security guards if you or your organization have a low tolerance for liability and aren’t prepared to deal with the aftermath of an event using fatal force.

You bear responsibility for armed guards when you hire them. If a visitor to the location you’re guarding is injured or murdered as a result of your hired armed guard. You would be held accountable for the victim’s harm or death, as well as related legal bills and settlements, if this happened. This can be a financial, emotional, and reputational disaster for your company. Keeping lethal force away from your premises if it isn’t required can actually defend your business

  • Monitoring:

Security staff has several responsibilities, including monitoring video feeds and the premises. This makes monitoring simple, allowing you to focus on operating your business while the guards perform what they’re trained to do. Unarmed guards are continuously on the lookout for criminal activity. You can trust the security staff to protect your company.

  • Rapid Reaction To Crime:

Even if your organization has a policy in place for dealing with or responding to crime, it will almost always require notifying and waiting for the police. Unarmed security guards have the advantage of being more capable of responding to any type of crime while you wait for the cops. This is due to their extensive training.

  • Threat-Scaled Security:

The location of your organization may also influence the level of protection you require. If you reside in a dangerous neighborhood, armed security may be necessary. If you own a tiny storefront in a busy downtown zone, however, an unarmed guard might be a better fit. This is because unarmed guards are capable of handling most emergency situations without the need for a handgun. Unarmed officers can make arrests and are trained in conflict resolution to de-escalate a high-tension situation rapidly.

  • You Are In A Gun-Controlled Area:

You want a security guard to increase security, but you may not realise that an armed guard might have the exact opposite impact.

The sight of firearms can be disconcerting to some, especially in light of recent shootings in the United States and tensions over gun restrictions. Although the goal of an armed guard is to boost security, simply seeing a gun can make people nervous and cause more disruption than is necessary. Schools or other spaces where children may be present, theatres, libraries, and corporate workplaces are all settings where firearms should not be displayed.

  • Qualification:

Armed security guards may appear to be a better alternative because they appear to be capable of protecting the surrounding region. However, keep in mind that many of them lack appropriate training with firearms and other weapons. As a result, rather than providing protection, they may wind up endangering the lives of individuals they are supposed to guard. With unarmed guards, things are different. They have received extensive training, which includes fundamental self-defense and hand-to-hand combat without the use of physical weapons.


Unarmed security officers are there to prevent crime rather than to respond to it. Their presence adds an extra degree of security. The presence of security personnel in a certain area offers tourists a sense of security.

Unarmed security personnel are frequently used as gatekeepers. They manage who gets into a particular facility or establishment. Some organizations keep track of visitor identification by requiring them to provide documents or identification cards and noting vehicle identification. They also keep an eye on security cameras for anything strange. They must remain attentive and vigilant for anything strange, and use their judgment when calling for help. During huge events, unarmed security personnel is also in charge of preserving order. They do everything they can to keep the people in attendance safe and avoid a stampede. They protect not only people but also their belongings.

  1. What They Do In Danger?

But what if a criminal act or violence occurs? What can security guards who aren’t armed do?

Unarmed security officers are taught to briefly restrain a person when a situation escalates into violence or when there is any plausible basis for arrest. He would then contact the local police department for assistance. When criminals are armed with lethal weapons, however, security will almost probably require the assistance of local police officers. This necessitates prudence and sound judgement, especially because a delay in assistance could result in the loss of lives. As a result, an unarmed guard must be quick to seek assistance from authorities in any tough scenario.

  1. Additional Duties:

Patrolling, monitoring, Guarding, and informing authorities in the event of criminal behavior are only some of the duties and obligations of a security guard. They may be required to do things like run errands, answer to text messages and phone calls from their boss, and take on new responsibilities in some cases. Some unarmed security guards are engaged for a specific purpose, such as assisting people in the safe keeping of cash or other valuables, and their mission is to secure the items throughout transportation.

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of unarmed security guards will help us work together more effectively. We may feel that presenting identity cards is unnecessary and a waste of time at times, but these responsible individuals are simply doing their job to keep everyone safe, including you.


Security provides a person feeling of safety hence unarmed security guards are also important in that they are cheaper, and provide valuable protection. Their monitoring is very high that one can feel secure and easily do his task Their training is too good that they perform their duty so well even it cost their own health.