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Just give it a thought – why there are professional security guards at special events? Do they actually help in making your event successful? Or are they just there to intimidate folks?

Be it a wedding ceremony, corporate function, concert, or any other festival – hiring security guards is essential. While planning an event, you already have a lot to handle, including venue, tickets, permits, negotiations, marketing, and the list goes on.

And in the midst of all, security concerns may fall at the bottom of your list…

But my friend! Making your guests feel safe and secure should be your priority. You must be thinking you can do it on your own. Can you patrol the grounds yourself while managing the entire event? Of course not!

You cannot deal with everything single-handedly. Yet you can trust someone to look after your special event (Just the way you would have done). Make sense? Absolutely…

The process of hiring an event security guard may sound overwhelming. But the benefits guards provide are worth the hard work. So, if you’re planning to hire a security guard, you’re on the right track.

What? Are you not aware of the benefits of hiring a guard? Don’t worry; we have gathered some insightful information for you.

Perks of Hiring Professional Security Guards

When a lot of people get together for an event, the odds of something happening increases – Hence, the sense of hiring professional security guards isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

Are you still confused? Before gathering big crowed for your event without guards… read the information we have penned down.

1. Crowd Management

Events can quickly culminate into chaos without crowd control.

But the guards can mitigate the risk of a potential mishap. They stand at the entrance and exist to make sure the guest enter and exist peacefully. In fact, you can list down the duties, including scanning the ticket, guest list checking, etc.

You would surely agree that people are more likely to listen to the instructions from uniformed security guards than regular staff.

In case of any emergency, the security personnel ensure that the guests leave the venue as fast as possible while limiting the turmoil. Not to mention, they’re trained to limit casualties during fire accidents, the collapse of the structure, suspected terrorism, and overcharged crowd.

2. Avoid Gate Crashers

Surely, you don’t want drunk and disorderly people to get in. Right?

But the truth is there will always be people who want to gate crash your event. Not just this, the large crowd are the best places for the crooks to vandalize a bathroom or steal valuable belongings. They think it is easy to commit a crime since no one will notice.

Are you thinking about security cameras right now? They can only detect the crime, whereas the security guards can take necessary measures to stop it. Hence, it is crucial to appoint professional security guards if you want everything to go smoothly.

With security guards, you do not have to worry about mob fights or riots breaking out – guards will know the most effective ways to solve any problems relating to the safety of your guests.

3. Guarding the Parking Area

Well, that’s the primary concern of many attendees…

Obviously, when you are inviting a large crowd, you need parking space too, which needs to be monitored. The security team makes sure that the attendees have parked their cars only at the designated areas.

You can enjoy your event fully rather than worrying about where the body has parked their cars. Most important, the guards deter muggers from breaking into the vehicles or vandalizing them. Not just this, they work with law enforcement teams to apprehend the suspects involved in the crime.

Some guests do not feel safe walking back to their cars in the dark – here, guards come in handy. They escort the guests to the safety of their vehicles.

4. Prevent Unwanted Media Entry

You want media to cover your event… but not every channel. Ultimately, you have limited space, and you cannot let everybody in. However, if your event is the talk of the town, this will happen.

But the good news is you can control them. Think! How???

All you need to do is hire professional security guards. They stop unwanted media entry while limiting access. Above all, the security personnel helps in managing the guest list and in fact, if somebody is not invited, they ask them to leave then and there. Being the event host, you cannot ask some to leave – that’s rude.

5. Resolve Security Issues

Anyway, it’s very common. Usually, security issues arise at big events, but security guards are your first line of defence against them. Right after sensing the threat, they act immediately without even giving it a second thought. During an unlawful invasion, only highly skilled and trained guards can take charge.

Also, shady folks are less likely to commit crimes if they see guards patrolling at the event.

Besides, security men are trained to assess safety concerns, interview witnesses, prevent suspects from running away, and secure victims. Moreover, they are equipped to handle any situation while protecting your guests. In addition, if necessary, security guards can assist you in compiling a loss prevention report.

6. Faster Help

You cannot wait for the police to arrive in case of any emergency. But by hiring professional security guards at the event, you get a faster response for almost all the dangerous situations. However, for certain situations, you need police officers – till then, the guards can monitor the threat while keeping the situation under control.

The damages can be kept to a minimum by keeping the incident contained, and further injuries may be prevented.

7. Professional Training

Regardless of how hard your civilian staff works, they may lack the necessary knowledge to handle emergencies efficiently. On the other hand, trained security guards are well-versed in what to look for.

Fire safety training, emergency preparedness, drug awareness, and first aid are all taught to security guards. They know how to spot dangers and use dispute resolution approaches. Security personnel will keep an eye on your surroundings at all times, giving you the peace of mind you need to host a successful event.

A Little Tip

Whether you are planning a big event or small – it is your job to provide safety to your guests (by all means).

Ultimately, the choice of whether to hire professional security guards or not is dependent on your safety needs. But as mentioned above, you can reap numerous benefits. From constant surveillance to protection, rapid responses to facilitating the guest – they do it all.

Above and beyond, they provide a sense of security to your guests while maintaining the order. Till now, you would have gotten an idea of how important it is to hire guards. Hence, if you want to make sure that your event is under the best protection possible, contact Eagle Eye Protection.

Their well-trained team will surely help make your event successful without any criminal activity – every penny you spend to hire them will worth it.